WOT update 9.20.1: 1st Common Test



19 thoughts on “WOT update 9.20.1: 1st Common Test

      1. I agree.
        With that low penetration you would think to hit weakspots. Good luck with that.. even fully aimed shots will miss a barn from the inside.
        Decent on paper, abysmal in battle.


  1. Lol that tracks on t343 doesnt count as additional armor lol, checked at tanks.gg, and fv4202 hull armor is the same 51mm that wasnt buffed to 76mm like they said, fuck this shit


    1. well, the hull buff of FV4202 was mentioned in very early stages of stupertest. and AFAIK this was commented very negativly, as the FV would become absolutly trollish to lower tier MTs (and even tier 8 MTs) with the buffed hull and the buffed turret.

      It looks OK to me now, with hard turret but soft hull. work the ridgelines and you are fine, get caught with your hull exposed and you are screwed – sounds balanced.


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