Update 9.20.1: Bonds and Medals

Source: EU WoT Portal

Ranked Battles were our first foray with the new Bonds currency, and we looked at it as a learning opportunity that will help us gather feedback and evolve Bonds moving forward. Now, you can stock up on Bonds in Tier X Random Battles, Grand Battles, and of course, the Ranked Battles 2nd Beta Season. As promised, we don’t plan to stop here—starting with Update 9.20.1, Epic Medals and Battle Heroes earned in Tier IV–X vehicles come with Bonds.

Why Are We Tying Bonds to Medals?

Bonds quickly became the talk of the community since their debut, with many players asking for more ways to earn them. That’s exactly what we wanted to implement, but there was a lot more to figure out along the way. For one, we had to find how to grow the currency while keeping its core concept intact. Bonds were initially positioned as a definitive reward for the most skilled and efficient, and we aim to keep it this way. That’s the reason we started with Tier X engagements—it takes a bit of time and effort to reach the top tiers and survive when you’re there. Hence, the chances of getting Bonds by luck are close to zero, cementing their intended role.

At the same time, we didn’t want to leave behind tankers who haven’t made it to Tier X, or don’t enjoy playing at higher tiers. Adding medals to the equation seemed like a natural solution; the accolades on a personal record speak volumes about a tanker’s worth and signal how far you’ve come in terms of combat excellence and strike that special chord, pushing you to step up your game, constantly aim higher, and rise to new challenges. The harder they are to attain, the more lasting memories are left. By making Bonds an extra reward for Epic Medals and Battle Heroes achievements, we stay true to the concept behind the currency and give you something to work toward beyond just recognition and satisfying memories.

How Does it Work?

We outlined two categories—Epic Medals and Battle Heroes achievements—and ranked their medals by complexity. Another variable affecting Bonds quantities is the vehicle you choose: pick any Tier IV–X tank you’re (ideally) the best at and hit the battlefield. Just keep in mind that the higher the vehicle tier, the more Bonds you get with an achievement.

To emphasize the overarching concept behind Bonds, we excluded cumulative awards like “War Genius” and “Wolf Among Sheep” and went ahead with those that reward stellar performance in a single battle.

The number of Bonds you get with each medal isn’t final and might change.

Where Can You Look It Up?

To get a rundown of the medals you attained in a battle, head over to the “After Battle Statistics” window and right-click “Detailed Report.” The info on medals is in the “Bonds” section.

If you’d like to know a medal’s worth in Bonds ahead of a battle, just hover the cursor over it to open a tooltip where you can discover the number of Bonds you can earn with it in Tier IV–VII, VIII–IX, and Tier X vehicles.

One Final Thing to Keep in Mind

The new rule doesn’t apply to medals received before 9.20.1 since crediting Bonds for all Epic Medals and Battle Heroes achievements earned to date would disrupt the game economy.


19 thoughts on “Update 9.20.1: Bonds and Medals

  1. 10 bond for Kolobanov and pools medal? how about remove the bond system? No body cares about ur cancerous ranked battle system. Its arlealy ded


    1. I think WG expects red monkey to try hunt those medals instead of playing game properly. On the other hand at least there would be someone to finish enemies, instead of standing like an idiot in middle of the field.


  2. This is such a petty amount. My entire wot career would get me like one and a half equipment with this payout.

    Might I mention that invader is apparently more important than top guns? Should they not be switched?

    And yes, I think they payouts should be based on difficulty and rarity of medals. A rasanai hero medal should net you 800 bonds if a top gun gives you 3. Please play your own game developers!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I think WG might’ve actually take statistics and just base it of them. I don’t have a lot of invaders, because I’m not capping, because 9/10 times team isn’t competent enough to secure the cap and enemies most likely will ez kill me, so instead I hunt down enemies and end up with high caliber/top gun.

      Conclusion: if you are drunk russian turd that never played this game it might seem to you that invader is harder to get than top gun/high caliber.


    2. You can buy consumable boosters too, and they’re not that expensive. Reward bonds from medals combined with bonds from tier 10 battles should be enough to spoil yourself every once in a while.


  3. the amount of bond rewards for medals are abysmal……just play regular tier 10 battles and get 6-10 bonds for every win in all tier 10 battle(it depends on your performance)……..I know this is set up so players who don’t have tier 10 tanks can get bonds…..but be honest: “how many medals would you need for one piece of complex equipment?”


  4. The announced numbers are the biggest fucking bullshit I have ever seen.

    ++The new rule doesn’t apply to medals received before 9.20.1 since crediting Bonds for all Epic Medals and Battle Heroes achievements earned to date would disrupt the game economy.++

    This a bullshit statement. Just check what bonds you would have earned in 4 years. Most players cant even buy one advanced equipment after 4 years. How that would disrupt the game economy.


  5. well, the idea to give bonds for medals alone sounds legit. but as others stated before: the planned quantity is more of middelfinger to the comm than a real reward for a sometimes hard earned medal. high calibre and top gun are rather often received, but starting from Radley Walters it should really be some sort of reward as the player had a great influence on the battle. and as those are really rare (even unicums do not “farm” Radleys), even 100 bonds per medal would not screw up the ingame economy.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yeah, as said before: i have played 27.000 games, and i would have got 2300 bonds total (assuming everything is tier IV-VII)… what even!


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