WoT – 9.20.1 Armor Changes

  • Bat.-Châtillon 155 55

  • Bat.-Châtillon 155 58

  • Churchill I

  • M6

  • Valentine

  • Valentine II

  • KV-4

  • T-44-122

  • T-150

  • STB-1


27 thoughts on “WoT – 9.20.1 Armor Changes

  1. I was hoping they would buff a little the KV-4 witch has bad armor/mobility vs tier 8 not to mention tier 9/10…. the problem is the turret with 180 armor it is penned by 225 pen guns very easy and you can’t go hull down + the 320 gun with bad view range combo is not an advantage …tiger 2 in my opinion is much better (and that is a bad tank that in have 2 MOE on it)


    1. I compare the KV-4 vs other heavy armor tanks like in the Maus line and it’s lack luster, but there will be people that will say that what is a poor E8 going to do vs a KV-4 …my question is what is a E8 do vs a defender or Patriot … a tier 6 is not supped to take down a tier 8 1vs1, but I agree that they shouldn’t remove the weak spots.


    2. I’m currently on the KV-4. I realized that the mantlet and mini turret on top are easily penetrable. You have to angle the turret, i.e. turn it a bit to the side, like people do in the Maus or E100. Hope it helps.


      1. and then you have to take a shot and you eat shit.
        KV-4 is horible just like T-150, KV-3 and IS-4 are.
        They all have horible mobility, horible guns and horible armor for their tier which makes them just horible.


    1. Dear Therealisnes, I believe (in my little mind) it is the simplification of armor for newbies. Imagine you need to shoot a tank after a month of playing and there are a billion of armor zones, or even a harder task, imagine that you’re positioning your tank and need to know all those weak spots. In the end WOT is just a business, it’s NOT a sport (yeah sport is just a business too) nor it’s a science project, hence these simplifications for new waves of players.

      Let me repeat one more time, I’m stupid and retarded so don’t take this with a grain of salt, but with fucking salt mine 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. Well in the old days you just had to remember drivers hatch, coupola and lower plate are weakspots.
        But then they added a lot more tanks and sometimes the known “weakspots” were actually the strongest part of the armor.

        At that point you really needed to learn the armor layout of alll tanks.
        But as long as they have still tanks with those weakspots in the game the problem does not go away because now you need to remember what tanks have weakspots and what tanks have none…

        And they also ran into the problem that some tanks need weakspots because otherwise nobody can pen them ….
        Like the Type 5 were they added some in the last(?) patch…
        It had a reason why they were in the game in the first place.

        Would be better imo if they would add an armor viewer in the garage so everybody can look the armor of tanks up they have problems with penning.

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  2. WG 2014 : “with new HD models we will increase the details of collision models. Instead of having big slabs of single-value armors, we will detail every angle and every part of the armor individualy, which will allow for more diverse models and more precise weakspots.”

    WG now : remove all weakspots, unify armor models.

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    1. can you blame them? Tomatoes are whining more so then anyone. That combined with that 9 out 10 that worked on WOT back in 2014 are not working on the game anymore. So new staff has new ideas. That and everyone is complaining that armor is useless on HT’s. And when they make it more useful.. they still complain. I’m glad I’m not working on WOT, I would be confused as F.

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  3. So hang on, the weak cupola on the KV-4 stays and the STB-1 got made paper everywhere a part form the front? Rejoice for arty will perma-splash your crew in the STB-1 making it impossible to play effectively!

    Just give the damn STB-1 normal gun handling so it can take snapshots.


    1. It got buffed pretty hard actually, weakest point from the front used to be ~125mm effective (mantlet) now it’s ~240. People can shoot HE but the cupola was 40mm before too, while the thicker front will be able to absorb more HE than before.


  4. I really in love with the KV-4. When i see the HD modul, i was so exciting. Now, fuck you WG
    Seriously ? You people just remove all the armour detail ? Like, what the fuck ? The real problem with the KV-4 is the fucking black hole on the top of the turrnet. That thing can be pen by anyone who actually know how to aim. Even tier 6-7 can penetrate it with normal AP round which made the tank nearly unplayable in tier 10 (which in most care you are, tier 10 with shit all over your head)
    All i want is just make it a liiter bit stronger, like give it 200mm, that would be very enough. Just like the Tiger 2, 45mm of the upper plate of the turret would make people allot happier.


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