WoWS – Get a free Pirate flag! (EU)

The international Talk Like a Pirate Day is here – sign up with your e-mail and in-game nickname (EU only) until 20/09/2017, 14:00 CEST and get a commemorative pirate flag!

Get it here:


14 thoughts on “WoWS – Get a free Pirate flag! (EU)

  1. eheeem sorry Seb, what exactly is this site????
    It says “© 2009-2016 All rights reserved.”
    Not even 2017 !
    No offence man but this smells like scam. Are you sure that this is an official Wargaming site?
    I can not even find this domain in the WhoIs database….


    1. I see a WG staff member promoting the website on the Warships forums, so I went ahead with it. Just to be safe, I kept my tinfoil hat on.


    1. why bye bye account? its not like they asked you to enter your Wargaming password too? they have your ingame name and your e-mail..its useless for them without the password!


  2. I also tried it, I beleived they wouldn’t advertise some scam site here. I was wrong, now they have my email and player name, so I can expect some password reset tryouts etc. Damn it. At least remove this shit, so there is noone else affected


  3. It seems it was a legit site, just got the flag and this reply:

    2:27 PM (6 minutes ago)

    to me
    Ahoy cap’n,

    here be yer Talk Like a Pirate Day flag – may it serve ye well on th’ Seven Seas!

    Action Stations!


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