WoWS: USS Massachusetts

ST, American battleship Massachusetts, tier VIII.

Hit points – 66 300, plating – 32 mm, belt – 310 mm. Main battery – 3х3 406 mm. Firing range – 23.5 km. HE damage – 5700, AP damage – 13100. Reload time 30 s., 180 degree turn time – 45 s., maximum dispersion – 295 m. HE initial velocity – 803 m/s. AP initial velocity – 701 m/s. Maximum speed – 27.5 kt. Turning circle radius – 710 m., rudder shift time – 15.7 s. Surface detectability – 16.1 km, air detectability – 12.2 km.

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.


12 thoughts on “WoWS: USS Massachusetts

      1. First things first, you’re an idiot. ARP Kongo isn’t even a premium, it’s a normal Kongo with an anime skin on it. Second, there’s already one South Dakota BB in the game and it’s a premium (Alabama),which means that this would be the second premium South Dakota in the game (provided it is premium). It’s not an anime ship. Got it Einstein?


        1. He did not talk about anime ships. The ARP ships afaik can train japanese commanders now, so they are not normal ships. Perhaps the USS Massachusetts will be a mission ship like the ARP Takao (the tier 8 Atago clone)?


  1. South Dakota class, just like the Alabama. I wonder where WG intends to go with this… The first Warships marathon? The next campaign? Rob Schneider? Hurperdy hurp derp?


    1. Would be interesting if it was a campaign focused on one class and every last goal was another member of the class.

      Though they would have to offer something extra each time if they pulled that.


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