WoT Supertest – Kirovets-1

The Kirovets-1 got a smol upgrade, both in terms of stats, and in terms of looks.

Tier: VIII HT USSR (premium?)
HP: 1 550
Horsepower: 720 HP
Weight: 47.5 t
Max. weight: 51 t
Power-to-weight ratio: 15.2 HP/t
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 42 / -20 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 26 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 24 °/s
Terrain resistance: ?
View range: 360 m
Signal range: 730 m

Hull armor: 140 / 100 / 60 (from 120 / 100 / 60)
Turret armor: 195 / 120 / 100 (from 175 / 120 / 100)

Gun: 122 mm D-25TA

Damage: 390 / 390 / 530
Penetration: 221 / 270 / 61
ROF: 4.62
DPM: 1801.8
Reload speed: 13 s
Accuracy: 0.45
Aim time: 3.1 s (from 3.3 s)
Gun depression/elevation: -5 / +18





14 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Kirovets-1

  1. well, it looks like a rather well rounded tier 8 prem-HT. nothing OP (depending on the ground resistance) but quite okay. this one should be nice to play – if WG finally works on the MM and you don’t get to fight tier 10s 75% of the time.

    I REALLY hope those guys see the number of bought tier 8 prems decrease drasticly, because this is one of the VERY few things, which will make them start acting quite fast.

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  2. the armour was first 120mm effective 200, and now it will be 140mm armour effective 230 unangled. so if you angle this one…


  3. THE FUCK?!

    They shelved this tank because they said that because of the IS-3A being in game they felt that having another clone tank of the IS-3 wouldn’t be good for the game. I remember they said that back last year in a Q&A session.

    the IS-3, IS-3A, IS-6, IS-6 Black, IS-5 and now the 252U and defender, which are the same vehicle. With the KV-4, KV-4K and the KV-5 being the only “different” ones. details aside that’s 10 tier 8 heavy tanks in WoT already for the U.S.S.R. tree and more than half of those tanks are premiums and they want to add another one?

    I know this game was design to cater to Russians, but holy shit this is awful. When the U.K. tree doesn’t even have a tier 8 heavy/TD premium and yet we get another tier 8 Russian tank and a clone for that matter. I don’t give a damn about clone/clown tanks but when there are 10 of them on the same tree already, it gets ridiculous.

    I feel that Murazer is behind this bullshit.


    1. Half the WG staff have moved to other projects since then. Heck you don’t have to scroll down far to find the last one that left. They say many things that shifts the next year. Just like the limited MM premium removals that was halted before half of them was gone, as the new crew thought it was a bad idea. And now the new crew there again sees limited MM tanks as a “problem” again.

      But WOT is a business after all. And just like the Chinese server that spams Chinese premiums. RU still needs their share of premium tanks to toss money on. And the IS-3A is neglected and forgotten already. So they need a new one.


  4. If this is the Kirovets-1 Turret, it doesn’t have an overmatchable turretroof. Look at the stock turret on the IS-3 for comparison. But it gets better frontal turretarmor than the stock IS-3 turret. And better hull armor than the IS-3 with no pike nose so you can angle better… oh but it only gets the D-25T so it should have 175 pen to balance… oh wait no they strapped an “A” behind it to give it 46mm extra pen. And then that ridiculous 270mm gold pen. Say you’re in an IS-6 facing this monster you have no chance to pen it anywhere on the front with AP, even with APCR you will struggle. This is just another straight up better copy of the IS-3, promoting pay-to-win once again.

    Oh, oh, oh there is one weakspot though, that is the 20mm engine deck roof… so if you have good gun depression you can shoot that. Then again this is common to all IS-3 clones so not really a balancing factor.


  5. The whole game is designed around forcing the use of Premium rounds. That’s why they changed the matchmaking and that’s why the tier eights are always in tier ten battles .


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