War Thunder – F4U-4 & F4U-4b

In the upcoming War Thunder update 1.71 “New E.R.A.” we present two new fighters and a complete remodeling of the legendary Corsair series.​

The F4U-4 and F4U-4b were developed during WWII based on the combat experience of the previous versions of this carrier-based fighter aircraft. Modernisation led to a significant boost in speed and max altitude, as well as improved attack capabilities. The F4U-4, armed with reliable .50 calibre guns, and the F4U-4b autocannon-armed variant, both received the new R-2800-18W engine and huge four-bladed propellers. A new weapon carriage system allowed the Corsair to easily transform into a highly effective ground striker, and the modifications also allowed it to take on the role as a fast fighter-bomber.

We choose three universal presets for the versions in War Thunder: 8 HVAR rockets, 2×1,000 lbs, or 2×500 plus 4×250 lbs bombs. The F4U-4 was intensively used during the war in the Pacific, including the battle for Okinawa, the Tokyo raids, and many others. Following WWII, the F4U Corsair fought in the Korean war as well.

New F4U-4, equipped with six Browning machine guns, will be added to Rank III in the US carrier-based fighters line, followed by the F4U-4b with 20mm cannons at rank IV.




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