WoWS Info – 7th September 2017


ST, IJN tier VIII battleship Kii.

Planned changes for the next test version: +700 m to firing range (19380 m total), -4 s to main battery reload (31 s total), +0.7 degrees per s to main battery rotation speed.

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.

Source: WG

Good day, everyone!

We’re sending in-game test invitations to all Graf Zeppelin owners. The invitation will pop up as soon as you log in and enter the port. You need to accept it if you want to be included in all future Graf Zeppelin tests.

If you missed (closed) the invitation, we will send you one more a bit later – just in case you did it accidentally. If you don’t want to participate in the test, please open and specifically decline the invite: we won’t bother you anymore.

Thanks, and see you soon!

The first round of testing should happen even before 6.11 arrives.