STG/STG Guard Available on NA

As usual, posting the cheapest offer out there. You can also get the clown camouflage version at the same price, if you prefer so.

Premium Tank Sale: STG / STG “Guard”

Sept. 9-Oct. 2, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)

  • STG: $43.99

Bundle Contents: 

  • STG
  • 1xGarage Slot



25 thoughts on “STG/STG Guard Available on NA

    1. I’m on the NA server and we didn’t get the Chinese premium TD yet. The TD was what we wanted, not this average tier 8 Russian medium. So don’t be sad for you, be sad for us.


      1. The thing is I don’t really care about the chinese because it is popular, the STG will not and that’s why I like it more, and the fact that I love medium with big guns.


  1. Defender, Chrysler, Guard…what are they gonna add next? That ugly tier 8 German super-heavy which was an early version of the Maus?


  2. Nothing but more and more fantasy, OP tier VIII overpriced stuff in the game shop.

    I had some good time with this game 2013/2015 but since then the magic is gone.


    1. can you explain how is over powered? if you would compare with Obj416, that obj would be OP, but not STG, while it has amazing dpm, gold ammo penetration and camo. This obj is ok only for full traversable turret and that alpha and gund depressio -6, while 416 just -3. But that’s it. Totally not OP, only for bots maybe.


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