WoT – Yesterday’s micropatch for 0.9.20

Note: please excuse me for being away yesterday. I had to go to yet another funeral of one of my family members. This is the 3rd already this year, and it starts to be very annoying.

The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 02.09.2017 from 07:00 – 07:25 CEST (EU2 from 07:30 – 07:55) CEST due to this update.

Additional information:

The odds of getting matched into a Grand Battle that were lowered to avoid longer queue times are getting reset in a micro patch.

The recently released Grand Battles resulted in longer queue times across the CIS. After receiving quite a bit of community feedback on the issue, we tweaked the chances of getting matched into a Grand Battle in the matchmaker, which brought queue times down to normal for the region.

To avoid this issue in Europe, we made a similar preemptive change to the matchmaker with the 9.20 launch. If you can’t wait to put your skills to work in a 30v30 experience, worry not: it’s only a temporary measure. Our team has been tracking the situation with queues, and since it’s stable, we’re bringing back the initial settings with a micro patch. It goes live tonight, meaning you’ll be getting matched in a Grand Battle more often starting Saturday.

The work on optimizing the settings doesn’t stop with the micro patch; we’ll keep it going to make sure we deliver a smooth and polished experience.