War Thunder – War Diaries Drama

A post on Reddit has come to my attention, in which user /u/kururuVC has detailed why we’re not seeing the test of the War Diaries campaign, instead just witnessing an empty tab.

EDIT: It seems that Anton himself went on damage control.



9 thoughts on “War Thunder – War Diaries Drama

  1. TL;DR:

    Racist, brainwashed Chinese players don’t want an ingame event that sees mainland China portrayed as in a (historically accurate) disfavorable position, and because they have financial pull, make the spineless devs cave.

    Mainland Chinese players are a fucking cancer to the gaming society, fully endorsing P2W, cheating and changing games (and even History) to suit their political agenda.


    1. Although I do not entirely disagree with you, may i remind you this subject is incredibly controversial, complicated and touchy for the Chinese. Although yes the Chinese out right censorship shit if you even so much as say anything that even remotely makes the CPC seem weak. In this specific case, I think you could at least sympathise with the Chinese for being upset as this subject is on the levels of the Nazis in the eyes of the Chinese, this isn’t the worse thing the Chinese have done. Especially with the Manchukuo state where there was a huge amounts of horrific experiments on the Chinese population (Unit 731) there.


      1. Oh but having a map on Poland is fine? A map near which there were a few concentration camps?

        No I don’t empathize, because they’re incredibly hypocritical.
        They have no issue washing away History when they don’t care about it (on a game about History, no less), but as soon as it touches their own interests, it’s forbidden.

        Had this event been about booting the Japanese out of that part of the world, they would have waved Gaijin flags in the street.


        1. Hey, here is a Confederacy Army skin for your Sherman or your Mustang! I hope you Americans like it!
          Get a sense of what Manchukuo really was.
          To the Chinese, Manchukuo is traitors, they worked with Japanese to fight against its own people. Those experiments are just as inhumane as slavery.


        2. You know why the correct Empire of Japan’s flag was never in the games? Again because of PRC and South Korea(yes, South Korea also hated Empire of Japan) protest. In fact, all WW2 events related to Japan’s invasion are all very sensitive topics among the Chinese and Koreans.

          If you spend sometime reading Pacific Asia’s news, you will hear from time of time protests with Chinese and Korea Governments on officials visiting Yasukuni Shrine(a shrine which commemorates those who died in service of the Empire of Japan). It demonstrates to you the fact that, to the Chinese and Koreans, Empire of Japan was as controversial as Nazi Germany in Germany. Why was it so? Because Empire of Japan back then not only sneak attacked Pearl Habour, they also fabricated lies to say China was planning to become hostile to Japan and invaded them, of course, they also invaded Korea, and the result was a large massacre of civilians rather than war, similar to how Poland and later on, the Jews faced against Nazi Germany.

          As much as unjustified PRC was later on in Vietnam War(oh, and BTW, Empire of Japan invaded ROC, not PRC)and today’s stuff, it doesn’t unjustified their hate to Empire of Japan.


  2. Well I was looking forward to playing that. So historical campaigns and battles for all over the world but no campaign against China? Grow a pair of snail balls


  3. my 2 cents is china needs to stop being bitches and grow up like jeez this is in the past now leave it alone learn from the past and move on nothing will change the past at all


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