WoT – Q&A 23.08.2017

Anton Pankov answers questions again.

On Ranked Battles, Grand Battle, and some others:

  • We’ll wait with the introduction of the 30×30 format to lower tiers. Tier X battles are just better because of the balance.

    Taking into account the fact that the previous modes weren’t that successful, we’re trying to create new ones. For example – Ranked Battles. Many people played it, most of them were happy with it, but then the problems began. We took notes and we’re preparing the second season. If everything goes well, the third season, which is planned for the beginning of the next year, will take place.

    The Grand Battle mode we’ll try to upgrade after toying with random battles. The players wanted more maps, and more tanks, and we delivered. New problems have popped up – you have to learn new, bigger maps, there will be more arty, ‘crayfish/tomatoes’. We’re experimenting, trying to find the good things in the gameplay and test them on the main server. Yes, there’s a test server, but people behave weird there, without a bit of responsibility.

    When it come to fan modes, there are a few ideas, we have a few answers, something should appear.

On Bonds:

  • It’s true that we want to evolve the obligation system. You can get them in Ranked Battles, they will appear in the Grand Battle mode, and in daily missions. We want the players to decide how they will earn them.

    Bonds are very tempting. Who knows, maybe they will replace gold, and will be used everywhere, for example as marathon prizes.

On personalization:

  • It’s still taken apart into 2D and 3D.

    2D – everything connected to camouflage, emblems, or inscriptions. Want pink tanks? Well not yet, but for some players, in some regions, we’ll give the possibility. We’ll do the same as we did in World of Warships – don’t want ‘pink ponies’? Just press a button in the garage to enable the display of only historical camo. We want to do this this year.

    3D – sandbags, nets, meshes, et cetera (except for screens). This doesn’t give an advantage on the battlefield. It’s clear we have to prepare a lot of content on this stage. Even if we decide to do 3D customization, for example on a hundred tanks, each will need a kit. It’s still to early to talk about this.

    Undoubtedly, this will increase the client size. For that reason, we might want to put it only in the HD client. The size of the client is still in-progress, since new GFX will appear.

On e-sports and clans:

  • E-sports are not only a sport with great achievements, like the Golden League, Multigaming, and so forth.

    With clans, the case is simple – players pointed out problems and shortcomings. We talked about them and presented plans. Some are already being implemented. The 6th Global Map season will be introduced with some fixes, which were requested by players. There are also long-term plans.

    When it comes to organisations, like Contras, they want to resign from playing on it. We didn’t talk to them to convince them to us. We wanted to hear about the real problems, and what to take into account. Thus, we came to an agreement.

On arty:

  • Arty has it’s ups and downs. Sure, there were negative moments. For example, SPGs in the first season of Ranked Battles, spoiling the whole fun for others. We took note and rooted up the problem. In the following Ranked Battle seasons, there will be only two arties per team. In random battles it’s not that bat, so generally everyone is satisfied.

On light tanks:

  • We need to tweak some light tanks. We know about the problem – they earn to little XP for their main purpose, namely spotting. We want to encourage players to play LTs by increasing the XP gain, not increasing the view range.

On personal missions:

  • Works is in progress regarding a second season of the personal missions. I can’t talk about the details. There are plans to change the interface. Some missions will be slightly less difficult.

    Generally we want to improve all of them. For example the T-55A and Obj. 260 missions could use some work. The T28 HTC is getting done quite nice, and the StuG IV is a novelty vehicle already.

On next updates:

  • No details. We plan many rebalances this year. We’re also working on light premium tanks (like the T-44 ltwt.)

On the anniversary tank:

  • We didn’t give one on purpose. For many years people have moaned that we’re only giving them 10000 credits and a garage slot. We also didn’t want to give another OP tank. These are collectible tanks. Each of these tanks has its own history and is tied to specific birthdays and events. In this year we decided not to falter under the community pressure. We wanted to see the player base reaction. Many weren’t happy. We’re just wondering why – is it the 10000 credits from the selling of the tank, or is it something else?