Gamescom HD Maps Teaser

Looking good.


26 thoughts on “Gamescom HD Maps Teaser

      1. it’s not enough. Everybody know, that the biggest part of computers users in USA using MAC’s… but also we know, that fucking WG still can’t create native aplication for MAC. We have now stupid whine emulator to use it with a lot of bugs. For example I can’t add on tank emblems or inscriptions, cause game is frozen when I press on it to add, or after advance last battle (4th or 5th against the enemy) when should I get back to garage and see the whole all battles results, game is frozen. Imbecils WG, always middle finger for this idiots.

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  1. This is better than porn.
    Too bad we wont play on them before at least 2 or 3 years. WG is using Valve Time when announcing new features.

    “Later this year (2011)” -> July 2013 – Valve.
    “All tanks HD this year (2015)” -> early 2018 – WG

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    1. nah it wont be valve time.

      maps wich are HD:
      fiery salient


  2. well, just took a short peak at the vid – without sound. QB seems to be similarly astonished as I am. those maps look absolutly gorgeous! Himmelsdorf, Redshire and Mountain Pass. Very nice so far! though I have to admit that I do hope, that the use the overhaul of the map also to eleminate some of the climbs. there are positions on the maps that can be greatly abused in an unfair manner – sitting on C1 on Cliff in a TD gives you control of the donut without the enemy a chance of spotting you until the advance really far. had a guy in a T67 lastly, who farmed more than 2k damge from there … :-\


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