War Thunder – ERA and Composite Armor



5 thoughts on “War Thunder – ERA and Composite Armor

  1. I am not up to date with WarThunder or WoT (because i stoped playing it 3 months ago), but the M60 and T-64 already ingame there? If so which gun does the T-64 use, the older 115 mm or the 125 mm?

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    1. Those are the M60A1 RISE and T-64A, to be added with the next update, among some other Cold War vehicles. And according to the devblog, it’s a 125 mm D-81T on the bias tank.


  2. Long and short of it:
    Don’t penetrate M60A3 – it loses its ERA
    Don’t penetrate T64 – lawlwtfbbqsauce good luck penetrating the next shot


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