WoWS Info – 18th August 2017

Source: WG

ST, Smoke mechanics update.

Firing from inside the smoke now results in ship-to-ship detection range increase (this type of firing did not influence detection before, and the firing ship stayed permanently concealed). The exact value is calculated for each ship based on its concealment and caliber. Average range is 2.5 km for destroyers, 5.9 km for cruisers and 13,6 km for battleships. Effect duration is 20 seconds. This change should make smokes firing tactics less viable for those ships that were not intended for such tactics gameplay-wise: BBs and most cruisers. Additionally, there is more reward for active play and the risk of rushing into enemy smoke.

Ship-to-ship detection for smoke firing now applies not only for the ship in smoke, but also if there is a smoke cloud on LOS between the shooter and the target. That will allow to exclude a highly illogical situation when hiding behind smokes gives better concealment than hiding inside smokes. Ship-to-ship detection for smoke firing is calculated for each hull, based on caliber and base concealment, it is not influenced by any skills or upgrades. It does not replace guaranteed detection and still requires LOS (smokes excluded for this check). The exact value for each ship can be found in Port specs. Similar to current main gun firing penalty, the effect lasts for 20 seconds only if the ship was detected as a result of firing.


13 thoughts on “WoWS Info – 18th August 2017

  1. WG is destroying WoWs. Dissipating generated smoke by firing inside it is smart but removing a smoke cloud from the LOS check for ships behind it is plain stupid. In real world naval operations a smoke cloud really hide what is behind it…

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    1. Smoke was historically used to mask and cover friendly forces from the enemy and wasn’t used to hide in and shoot from. The mechanics in WoWS where one ship can spot for the team while the other friendly ships then shoots from positions where they did not have direct line of sight, whether optically or radar wise, did not happen. This is a good thing. Smoke mechanics should never have allowed for invisifire to happen rather it should have been a tool for escaping bad situations and every ship bar carriers should have had access to smoke had that been the case.

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  2. I’m slow so help me out on this. With this change, a ship firing from smoke will get a detection bloom based on its class (2.5km bloom for DDs, 5.9km bloom for cruisers, 13.6km bloom for battleships)?

    Also, if firing from smoke was not intended for cruisers, then why does the British CL line exists at all? Why Belfast? Why Kutuzov?

    WG miscalculated hard and as usual the players pay the price, in more ways than one.

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    1. The way I understand it, firing your gunns adds to the ‘guaranteed detection’ range. So if your ship has enough firing range, you can still fire from smoke without being detected if enemy ships are not too close.

      Also, it was not intended for /most/ cruisers. Meaning, the ones that don’t have any themselves.


  3. Good change, I like it. It’s reduculous to pop a smoke cloud and then camp in there. Smoke should be used to hide your retreat, or to prevent enemy ships to see through the smoke, not to have some clown sit in there for 1-2 minutes and spam fires without being spotted. This game needs to be more naval tactics and less made up clown tactics. Good job WG, next up remove the 1000000000 islands on each map.

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  4. Why dont they make the gun flashes more visible,and contrasting to the smoke, as well as give you a mechanic that gives you an estimate on the range and allows you get the same dispersion as if you were focusing on a ship? That way as long as you pay attention you can still punish anyone in smoke, and also anyone in smoke has to be extra careful in order to avoid giving his position too often. Also its kinda silly how they based the RN cruisers on a mechanic such as smoke, only to roll it back….

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    1. I dont think they will give the RN cruisers HE. In various Q&As its been stated that WG really wants to combat IFHE spam from smoke…


    2. They could just give the British CLs better shell arc, which will allow them to keep a bigger distance and still hit stuff, without the need of any smoke cloud camping.

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  5. Don’t get too worried, it’s just preventing you from popping smoke from near point blank ranges in cruisers. The RN CLs sit comfortable at 5km to the highest at 6.58km on the Neptune (Minotaur is 5.4km). The 203mm based Cruisers sit around 7km-10km and the big gun cruisers (Moskva and HIV) go from 11km to 13km. Destroyers are practically unchanged (Except Khabab who has nearing cruiser smoke firing detection) most being in the 2-3km margin which is practically the same as before due to autodetection ranges.

    Battleships for once get crapped on. Bar a few smaller gun designs, BBs sit around 14km-18km. The U.S BBs are the most comfortable in this respect along with lower tier germans. The Japanese get the short end of the stick having the highest smoke fire detection at most tiers.

    TL;DR this basically stops most battleships from firing from smoke to all but long range. Really every other class is fine.

    Another note: IFHE got nerfed, instead of a 3% fire chance reduction it’s now 8% for all ships with a 140mm gun caliber or above. DD caliber weapons up to 139mm instead get buffed to only a 1% fire chance reduction.


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