Update 9.20: Common Test, Round 3 Patchnotes

Round 3 of the Common Test is planned to start on 17 August at 18:00 CEST (UTC+2).

List of Changes in Round 3

  • Marks of Excellence can no longer be earned in the Ranked Battle or Grand Battle mode. Battles in these modes have no influence on the player’s Marks of Excellence.
  • Fixed the issue with duplicating confirmation windows in Team Training lobbies.
  • Fixed the issue with camera binding to a destroyed vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where it was impossible to disable the chat with allies in a Grand Battle.
  • Fixed the issue where a pop-up hint about the prime times of Ranked Battles was displayed on certain dates when switching months in the calendar.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of mission conditions.
  • Fixed the issue where the commander’s cupola was missing in a destroyed Tiger 131 tank.
  • Fixed some technical issues.
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D: Fixed the issue with the display of Inscriptions on the tank’s second turret.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of the hint about Premium Account discount.
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to switch to 1024×768 resolution correctly.
  • T-34-2G FT: Fixed the issue that caused strong rocking of the tank’s hull when braking.
  • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t: Visually adjusted the size of the tank’s top gun.

20 thoughts on “Update 9.20: Common Test, Round 3 Patchnotes

  1. * Fixed obvious issues of the matchmaking system
    * Nerved obvious OP tanks, such as the Maus and Typ 4/5 properly
    * Buffed ovious UP tanks, such as the Leopard I and Tiger II
    * Added new maps without to much corridors

    …Wait, wut?


    1. Lol *Fixed the issue of tier 8 premium tanks getting 90% tier x battles and thus increasing credit income ….wait wtf ….😂


    1. I actually think that teenagers are overall better players then all the older people playing this game. But yeah, everybody as a right to play and without the baddies, there would be no unicums.


  2. *Any time a player enters battle in an SPG they will automatically be placed in a British tank (The worst one) of the same tier with a 50% crew.

    Best change ever.


  3. Still nerfing the ISU-152? I guess I will have to sell it.
    They want to give it trash penetration of under 300 with premium, but they want to add 330 penetration to the Kanonenjagdpanzer, because this game is so not pay to win!


      1. They will fix it for you :)
        I wanted to sell it right after they nerfed the view range, but now I will sell it. It’s just not worth playing TDs in this game anymore!


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