Supertest: American LT line changes

The LT line of America gets adjusted a bit. The branches will be distinctly divided into two: Autoloader and non-autoloader. There will be additional adjustments as well: LTs before the Sheridan won’t have autoloading guns anymore.

Current tech tree:

New tech tree:

The T37 also leads to a new tank, the T71 CMCD. The original T71 gets renamed into the T71 DA.

T71 CMCD’s preliminary stats:


21 thoughts on “Supertest: American LT line changes

  1. “LTs before the Sheridan won’t have autoloading guns anymore.” – what a shitty change, the only point of some of these Lights were their fun Autoloaders!
    stupid decision, hopefully it doesnt make it past ST


    1. Ehh, Bulldog’s autoloader became literally useless after 9.18, and from what I recall is that T37’s autoloader was generally considered as worse than the normal single-shot gun.

      T71 keeps the autoloader but just moves to other line

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      1. I get so sad every time I see a bulldog with a clip gun now. It will lose basically any 1 on 1 with that thing on, even vs tier 6 if it misses a shot. 1000 dpm is all it has with it. It has the same burst damage as the T71, with with almost 2x the reload time. So it was useless anyway. And not “fun”. It’s 10x better with the singe fire gun as it gets 2500 dpm. So that the clip gun goes is not a sad thing. I don’t know of many that use the clip gun on the T37 either. As the burst fire vs reload is not even good. So I doubt many will miss it.


  2. Please remember that the only reason they are changing this is so you can’t go from one tree to the other anymore.

    This way they get more income from people using free XP to skip vehicles up until the higher tiers.

    It’s not for balancing reasons obviously because then you’d be able to go from either T71 to the other.

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        1. You do know this game relies on wallet warriors to exist right? If it weren’t for people who throw money at WG you cheapskate scrublords would still be playing singleplayer games like battlefield 1942 or medal of honor.


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