“O-I Kai” – potential tier 8 Japanese HT premium

Wargaming has recently been intensively releasing more and more premium vehicles. It is up to you to decide if implementing more is necessary. However, in my opinion if Wargaming really wants to implement more premiums, they should focus on implementing (tier 8) premiums for branches that doesn’t have one before adding more Soviet, US and French tier 8 premiums.

One of the branches with no tier 8 premium is the Japanese HT line (Nameless doesn’t count, heh). If one reworked the HT line like I have proposed in the past, it would be possible to make the O-Ni as a tier 8 premium. That is however only if you rework the line – otherwise it is not possible, unless you copy the O-Ni with buffs (or alternatively a slightly altered O-Ho) into a tier 8 premium. The O-Ni, however, is more or less completely fictional – it is born from some inaccurate artworks, combined together with false information and rumors regarding the actual O-I.

Despite that, I had the O-Ni as a tier 8 premium for the branch. However, after the rework proposal, I have come up with a better idea that can work as a tier 8 premium heavy tank vehicle for the Japanese branch. It is more unique – and somewhat historical… or well, let’s say that the background is at least historical. While the tank itself is more or less a “what-if” idea, the recent changes of Wargaming (such as all of those armor buffs, the Chinese TDs and the upcoming tier 9-10 French heavies, which are basically hull and turret combined together from two different projects, etc.) have opened a door for it.

Meet the “O-I Kai”.

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Gamescom 2017 Q&A

Like WG promised in the past, they have picked some questions from the forum thread and have answered them on Gamescom.


Q: Tier VI and VIII vehicles always seem to be at the bottom of the team list. Any plans to fix this issue?

A: We are continuously working on the new matchmaking system, and yes, there will definitely be fixes to it in time. As the entire mechanism is quite complex, we need to address every issue separately and introduce those improvements step by step.

Q: Platoons never seem to be at the top of the list (excluding Tier X). Are players punished for playing in platoons? If not, are any changes planned?

A: We are looking into this and will improve it as soon as we can.

Q: Any plans to change the matchmaking for vehicles with special matchmaking? If not, will you reintroduce the option to play with tanks of a lower tier than they own?

A: Currently we don’t have such plans.


Q: Will there be new maps, or only reworked ones? Will we get bigger maps for Random Battles?

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Supertest: American LT line changes

The LT line of America gets adjusted a bit. The branches will be distinctly divided into two: Autoloader and non-autoloader. There will be additional adjustments as well: LTs before the Sheridan won’t have autoloading guns anymore.

Current tech tree:

New tech tree:

The T37 also leads to a new tank, the T71 CMCD. The original T71 gets renamed into the T71 DA.

T71 CMCD’s preliminary stats:

Supertest: Tier X LT buffs

The tier X LTs are getting buffed, as they are (unsurprisingly) underperforming. There will be a generally small increase to their ammo capacity and (with the exception of the WZ-132-1) either a damage buff or a RoF buff. The Rheinmetall Panzerwagen gets a few more changes, namely its alpha damage gets reduced in exchange for major gun handling and rate of fire buffs.

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