Minsk Insider News – 15th August 2017

The new Swedish premium is called Strv 81 Primo Victoria, it will get a special crew called Sabaton BIA. The Chinese premium tank WZ-120-1G FT will come soon on EU, RU and ASIA premium shops.

If the Chinese TDs become a success, then Wargaming will think about introducing the gigantic Japanese TDs. The Pudel was also a bullseye. It was sold in great numbers, and everyone knows which country had the most buyers. The EU server alone earned well over 2 million €.

The fate of the Polish medium tank: B. B. T. Br. Panc – perhaps as the Polish line of tanks will appear, this vehicle will go on sale for gold. The line will probably come out in 2018, as was planned earlier – it was supposed to be for December this year, but HD maps proved more important.


24 thoughts on “Minsk Insider News – 15th August 2017

  1. “then Wargaming will think about introducing the gigantic Japanese TDs”


    This assumes they are bringing TDs based on the super-heavies. Since there werent any super-heavy based TDs I think, it is safe to assume the line or atleast (top) part of it will be another bunch of fakes. However, it would be extremely shame if they did that for Japanese TDs because unlike Chinese TDs, it is actually possible to build a historical Japanese TD branch up to tier 10. Even if tier 9 and 10 would need some buffs, it would be still better than bringing completely fake tanks.

    Oh well.

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    1. Based on what Daigensui has shared, Japanese TD’s were large even without superheavy basis, using such things such as the Chi-Ri hull and enlarging it xP


  2. WG can keep their superheavy-TDs >:o

    And as for “HD maps being more important” than new tank lines, that just shows how out of touch WG really are. Players want maps with better gameplay, not graphics.


  3. Will the Sabaton BIA crew work in a Swedish heavy without any handicap/penalty? A medium crew seems to me useless for the current Swedish tech tree…


  4. >The Chinese premium tank WZ-120-1G FT will come soon on EU, RU and ASIA premium shops.

    Epic! Just saw a video of this beast and it’s amazing, it’s a doped SU-122-44 that is better in EVERYTHING but raw DPM (and base DPM on this thing is still 2,8k).

    I missed the Defender (shame on me), but I sure as hell won’t miss this. :D


    1. It looks like one of the few turretless tds at tier 8 that’s actually balanced, as in at better than most other turretless td’s, but can actually work in this meta.

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      1. The AMX 105 (the upcoming TD, not the light tank) should also be a decent choice for a turretless Tier 8 tank destroyer, though less imba than WZ (less armor, 50 less alpha and longer reload, but more pen and better aimtime and accuracy). If the KV-4 KTTS will ever be released, it will be food for these. :P


  5. The graphics are important to them, as I understand it, because they need a continual stream of new players and the graphics are turning (especially young adult) people off before they give it a chance. People log on and it looks like a vintage shooter. Don’t ask me for the link! it was a months ago.


    1. WT has no alpha damage or HP so Ho-Ro at tier 1 makes kinda sense

      If it appears to WoT expect at least tier 5, maybe even tier 6. Or if its introduced as arty maybe tier 4 with similar stats to Sturmpanzer II


      1. It is, but it is considered TD in WT.

        However, Sturmpanzer II is also considered as TD in WT even tho it was artillery vehicle, too. In WoT its arty, so if Ho-Ro comes to this game it should be an arty.


  6. No dumb BS super heavy jap TD with massive hp and no frontal weakspot pls

    jap heavy is already the dumbest no skill line ingame


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