WoT Supertest: Kanonenjagdpanzer with a 105 mm gun

WG is now testing the Kannonfodderpanzer Kanonenjagdpanzer with a 105 mm gun instead of a 90 mm.

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23 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Kanonenjagdpanzer with a 105 mm gun

  1. this tank is really underwhelming right now and definetly needs some love. As long as the gun will have good handling and mobility is kept the same, this will become one of the best premiums.


  2. Will it then be a completly new tank, will it replace the current 90 mm gun, or will the player be able to choose between the 90 mm and the 105 mm guns ?


    1. Yes and I am both happy and not happy because they mention “slow and good armor like Japanese heavies”, which means that unless the O-I TD was actually a thing they will be another bunch of fakes. Which is shame because you know that historical line is actually possible unlike with Chinese.


      1. Can you somehow contact the people who helped WG with the Japanese medium branch or Yuri Pasholok with the help of a russian translator to try to convince WG to implement the historically correct TD line?

        It would be really a shame to see your suggestion go down the shitter just because WG is too lazy to do proper research and rather reuse already made models than making new models for historical vehicles. Also it sounds quite hypocritical to remove the FV 215b and the WTE-100 with the reasoning they are unhistorical if they release a bunch of new unhistorical vehicles in the game.


        1. Daigensui helped WG make both MT and HT lines (partially her fault why HT is a mess, because O-I just doesnt work as tier 6, its tier 7 material), but I rather not conctact her due to certain complications. Dai has however said that she have done already research for TDs so WG will use atleast some of it. AFAIL Dai’s line is not much different from my line expect for few differences in midtier choices.

          We will see, and insider news havent always been correct anyways so I still take this with small grain of salt. Besides, its not impossible that there actually was a O-I based TD variant ehich they could use as base for higher tiers. Maybe WG has gotten access to Japanese archives somehow. I will just wait and see however.

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  3. I myself love the KanonenJP.
    If people find it so underwhelming, then maybe increase it’s DPM a bit to make it like a less OP tier 8 E-25?

    I really am annoyed how literlly every single tank that has a lower caliber gun with pretty good reload needs to turn into something with alpha damage just because the community can’t play with faster firing guns.
    Look at the challenger and SU-101 for example.

    Stop putting higher alpha guns on every single thing. It really takes away the variety of gameplay…


    1. I have to agree. Right now, the tank is a pile of dung.
      But this ST version looks overbuffed. Speed, camo, manoeuvrability, with pen and alpha now added. Good HP.
      It lacks weaknesses to be balanced. Improving it? Ok. But powercreeping other TDs (even the Skorpion) isn’t the right solution. Improving pen would have been enough.


      1. Still trash, honestly. Skorpion has damn near the same fire rate with 100 more alpha; UDES/STRV have better camo while also being insanely fast, on top of having better pen and DPM; Charioteer has same standard pen, significantly better DPM, HESH, and a turret. It just isn’t really good at anything, from what I can see here.


    2. It manages to have bad pen, dpm, and alpha all at once. The kanonen is a TD with a terrible gun, it’s not like it doesn’t need a buff. That said, this will probably still be bad, because it still has low alpha and DPM. Pen is good, but the Charioteer is the same on its standard rounds, and can boost it’s DPM with HESH. The Skorpion is comparable, while having better alpha and dpm with similar accuracy. And the UDES/STRV is pretty much just better than this Kanonen. The Kanonen as it is in-game could be made solid by just boosting its dpm by a fair bit, imo.

      I actually didn’t think the Challenger was as bad as people say (it really needed the gun upgrade for the pen buff, not the alpha–I ended up firing gold every game, because either I was top tier and burned through all my AP because of its fire rate, or I was bottom tier and couldn’t pen half of what I saw because 171 is just not good enough at that tier).


  4. Well that’s actually a nice change…. But is it enough to make the rest less of a turd, and get it to actually sell more then 3 tanks the next time they have it on offer?


      1. I have several fully trained german TD crews in my barracks, not to mention the one in my JT 88. The speed and agility on this thing might be fun but it’s not enough for me to spend 50 or so bucks on it, especially not with the S1 standing in my garage.


  5. Ok, that would be a noteworthy buff. Or…. just make the other aspects of the KJP better. Imagine for instance if it had 400m view range and very low dispersion while moving/turning. That would give it a unique niche and still justify having relatively low firepower for a TD.


  6. Just give it a DPM of 2800 with a penn about 250,then it is in parr with the upcoming chinese TD’S. Strongpoints: good speed and manoeuvrability, fine gunhandling with good DPM an penn. Useless armour and not the best viewrange. There WG, you have a tank (basicly a good gun on tracks) with a unike playstyle unlike the russian clones.


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