WoWS Q&A – 9th August 2017

Source: WG

Today we will talk about the upcoming Pan-Asian DD line, that has been just revealed. Of course this line is very important for ASIA server, but apart from historical representation, it will also bring new ships and experience for all players worldwide.

The main challenge of course is to unite the ships of Great Britain, USA, USSR, Japan and Germany, so the whole line has some special gameplay flavor. The most obvious suggestion for that would be a specific consumable, but it’s not necessarily the best way.

For instance, we can make the line unique with specific torpedo armament. After we test the Pan-Asians with normal loadout, we plan to test deep water torpedoes. Deep water torpedoes interact with draught of the target: they can easily pass underneath a light ship without any damage! As a trade-off, such torpedoes can boast improved concealment, so catching those BB by surprise would be easier. Will it work? Will these torpedoes make it to release and bring more variety to World of Warships? Time and tests will tell.

And some more answers from Tuccy and Kandly:

Q: What are the plans for ‘minor’ nations navy’s like the Royal Netherlands Navy or Swedish Navy, if there are any? Those nations could fill (sometimes incomplete) lines and there are some quite famous/historically important ships from these kind of nations.

A: It’s a bit too early for this, however maybe a similar approach to the Pan-Asian line could be taken – then again that is still a thing of far future. Some European designs are rather interesting and often they offer more than one variant (De Zeven Provincien, looking at you! :D).

So: In the future, maybe. In the short term, not likely – we have other fish to fry first.

Q: But you are happy to take Dutch / RN / US DD’s and bring them in as pan asian BEFORE you can be bothered to introduce the parent ship? I’m not dutch, but do you actually know how many dutch players you have in game who are waiting for a dutch ship? I know the reason will be commerical, but it just feels wrong.

A: Going country by country is pretty difficult, as you end up with ships like Blyskawica that are there just for the one commander. It is always better to go full hog for a tech tree line (even if preceded by Premiums by quite some time). I fully expect the same reaction the moment we release first Dutch/Swedish/whichever smaller European antion ship and have questions why the others 😉

This year was so far pretty good for Europe – we got German Destroyers before the end of last year, then French cruisers, British battleships are just around the corner, in the meantime we also got several European Premiums including the first Italian ship. However we cover four regions (a fact many here seem to forget ;)) and while there may be a lot of Dutch players waiting for a Dutch ship, do you know how many Chinese, Korean, Indonesian… players are there awaiting their nation’s ships?

Q: Will Wargaming and MGT-20 be attending Salute to the 40’s at Chatham Historic Dockyard, Chatham, Kent on September 16/17 this year 2017?

A: Unfortunately it does not look like we will be able to visit Chatham Dockyard this year – closest to that we will be on the International Army Show in the Netherlands (01-03/09).

However if anyone is close enough to visit the Chatham Dockyard, the Salute to 40’s is a great event – been there last year and had a blast! Especially visit to HMS Cavalier is rather telling…

Q: The most fundamental question is why to switch to AP bombs and how does the armor work?

Other than the reduced drop pattern (in case of the Big E) they provide one thing only – a shock and awe effect of instant damage. I can do better or same damage with HE bombs+ time and the HE bombs are not completely useless against other classes (also getting overpens on a BBs with AP bombs really sucks).

How is the penetration/explosion calculated – is the penetration reduced by superstructure (and its armor) or is olny the deck armor counted?

One minor gripe with the drop pattern too it really incites the use of autodrop (Big E again) why is that?

A: Borrowing from @Sub_Octavian 🙂

Enterprise AP bombs arm at 70 mm and penetrate around 184 mm. So horizontal armor of a target really matters – overall ships . Later, we may add AP bombs with different values and they will interact with other ships differently. I have passed the question along, but by default I guess the superstructure does count both in the penetration and in the arming.

The difference between auto drop and manual is around 20. However, the angle of approach really matters, as the drop pattern is very stretched – in any case using manual drop still increases significantly chance of hitting not necessarily the target itself but the vulnerable areas on the target.

As for the difference, shock and awe of instant damage might be the thing needed to put enemy BB out of combat (and preventing him from healing). Similar tot he British cruiser AP effect on battleships, sure it does not trigger the fire, but… 😉

Q: Will there be Gun Marks in the Future like in WoT or something Similar.

A: Are you referring to the Marks of Excellence?

Marks of Excellence

These marks will show off your prowess at driving a vehicle in comparison to other players who also use that particular model. The parameter determining the rating and how many marks you get (which is also dependent on the nation, see below) is the average damage you inflict and assist (spotting and detracking damage) while using that particular tank.

I’m not sure if anything similar to this is planned for WoWs, but I can always include it as a suggestion in my report.

Q: Title says it all – the last line in game that doesn’t have a premium – why?

French cruisers have one, royal BBs will have at least two by the time they are released, why are the german DDs left out?

A:  We want to add as many ships (regular and of course Premium) as possible – but it takes time:

  • To identify suitable candidate – preferably not a clone though sometimes that is hard 😉
  • To collect blueprints (though for Germany our guys made a pretty thorough job so we have quite a lot).
  • To model the ship.

At the same time we prefer to release ships as they come instead of making a huge premship bundle once a year. We also want to have a premium ship for each branch / nation – though nations that do not have any premium yet are higher on the ladder. This however means that often nations with some Premiums already may wait for a Premium in a given branch.

So the main holdup is probably on one of the three points, however in the future we hope we’ll add some German DD. I am pretty sure there would be interesting candidates.

Q: Just played a game in a stock Shiratsuyu (with a 1 point Captain…) and was fired on almost from the get-go by another player on my team in a Scharnhorst – because he said I was ‘being a coward'(?).

Eventually, this moron torpedoed and then rammed me, sinking my ship.

I know there is supposed to be an auto-leveling system for this kind of behaviour but I really think this @hole needs to be banned?

Is there any mechanism to have WoW check out his behaviour? And if not, why not, because this was totally outrageous.

Edit – before he sank me I managed to get off a torp salvo which hit but did not sink him. Now I’m pink (with a SEVEN game penalty) and he’s got off free. Where’s the justice?

Been playing this game for nearly two years but now thinking twice about binning it.

A: The system does not care who started it, the system ends it.  So even if someone allied fires at you, the proper course is NOT to fire back. Just report and let the system take care of him. Note that we plan improvements in the sanction system, but the basic rule will still be that if you cause team damage, you bear the responsibility.

System also does not show punishments meted to other players – you may think he got of free, but he did not.

Q: Is WG considering to mature the current IJN DD sub-branch into a fullblown line with a tier X down the way?

The current top of the line at tier VIII with the Akizuki is insanely fun to play and imho easy tier IX material with a couple tweaks (mostly manouverability, that thing handles quite poorly for a DD). Also, if moved to tier IX, that would give a rather easy way to introduce a Super Akizuki (essentially the same as the existing Akizuki, just a bit faster, a bit more 25mm AA guns and a quintuple torpedo launcher) as the tier X and oh boy would I love that! Also, at tier IX and X, one could offer the option to mount Defensive AA instead of the Torpedo Reload Boost (considering the Akizuki class were AA DDs) at the expense of torpedo damage potential.

Not sure what one could put into tier VIII though, but I’m sure with the plethora of designs and class modifications an enthusiast could find something to put there.

A: As far as i know we do not want to have the line hanging at Tier VIII forever – however we need to find two suitable ships to pad the line. 

Q: Is there any way to obtain higher resolution pictures of those than those that are ingame? I am asking because I’d love to make a bit more detailed versions of these (including some heroic achievemnts hopefully).

A: For the moment I could provide you with some game resolution images, but nothing really high res. The ribbons are unavailable right now, but I got some achievements (the images are quite small because they’re all grouped up together), all kinds of icons, consumables, signals, etc. Some we could provide in .psd – while others we only have in jpeg. Let me know what you would be interested in.

WoWS_Achievements (1).jpg


^ Super awesome Kraken as a bonus!

We’re currently looking into gallery-like options along with the forum devs – we need to find the best solution for sharing such assets with you here on the forum, something nice and simple to use.

Hope this helped!

Q: From my outlook as a player, I think that the Campaigns are a successful addition to the game. The Bismarck campaign and the upcoming Yamamoto one also add historical flavor to the game.

What I want to ask is the developer’s opinion though: are you satisfied with number of players that actively play campaigns? any chance you can publish stats like the number of players that started/completed the different campaigns?

A: We will see if we can publish any meaningful non-boring stats 😀 However overall the Collections and Campaigns seem to be doing pretty great – as can be seen on the Yamamoto case, we definitely plan to continue.

Q: Last active contest thread is back March 19th. While Asia region got one for May,June,July. Any plans to revive that dying section?

A:It’s true we haven’t been using this section as much as in the past, as we thought it more useful – and visible – to announce our contests and activities in the Announcements section of the forum. We’ll be looking into making this more effective in the future, considering the amount of activities we’ll be handling.