New TAP Streamer – B4NTER

Good night everyone, I just wanted to make an introductory post about the newest WoT streamer we are collaborating with, B4NTER. A clan wars caller & Silver League ESL player with very good individual skill also, he is able to show people tons of tactics on the stream, so do not hesitate to overload him with questions when he’s live. I especially like the real-time clan battles featured there, like this one:

His self-description: „Hey my name is B4NTER, I am a 20 year old streamer from Britain, I mostly stream high skill randoms and advances. I stream very regularly and I’d love you guys to check it out, follow and support :smiley:

B4NTER’s Twitch:

WoT stats:


43 thoughts on “New TAP Streamer – B4NTER

    1. If you watch any of the other competitive streamers who FC’s e.g Dakillzor you see the same, ESL and Advances is competitive and you w\ant to win, when players mess up you can get very tilted and say some things you regret later

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  1. Yeah, watched his stream. Obviously, he’s a top player and caller, but the whining and negative comments he makes are off-putting and don’t make entertainment for me. Wish him every success and I don’t think I’ll tune in again.


    1. Fair enough, watching someone lead battles isnt for everyone and when players mess up i tell them that (sometimes in not the nicest way), when i dont lead and am playing randoms im much more chill :)


        1. Check the replay V S4-X not one camp, the only camp i remember was against FAME on mountain pass after we fought them on it for a week and ran out of tactics, i didnt play that battle i only saw it on stream


          1. How is that a good example? All of S4-X members with somewhat strong individual skill left and formed GO-IN. To use a fight vs them to proof that you would never camp is so lame…
            But I guess someone who replies to every single comment here is desperate enough to use it(and cant deal with criticism)


  2. welcome: I was trying to stream too and didnt get viewers auditory. So for me it’s funny that such a “great player” think he is pro and interesting for others. No offence. To be honest- you need a lot of to learn. I checked your recent data what tanks you play and what’s WN8 recent of these tanks:
    so what we have:

    1) obj140 recent wn8 1484, eff 1278;
    2) bc recent wn8 1583, eff 1456;
    3) t57 recent wn8 1347, eff 1038.

    It’s a kind of joke, or maybe eBay account?


    1. Each of them over one game :’), iv just come back from italy for a week,

      but sure, you didnt take into account my 1 FV215B game 4k+
      or the 1 TVP game which was 4.8k wn8
      or the 1 113 games that was 8.5k wn8

      no just focus on the 3 games i do badly, nice one mate

      if you look at our T10 DPGs a few of them are the same or even i beat them, but you beat most, i never said i was the best player, but statistically on the server i am in the top 98% – so are you


      1. FV and TVP also one game only. So what? I see more bad than good. If you would check at me, my good stats not after 1-3 games, but for much more.


  3. Jesus, what a hate corner. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it – I am not going to.
    But WTF!? why all the trolling?


  4. Lel you people talking about toxic, one of the more popular streamers is toxic all the time in the two hours i’ve watched him. Complaining about RNG, bad team mates and wargaming itself.


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