WoWS: Pan-Asia Branch Pictures



24 thoughts on “WoWS: Pan-Asia Branch Pictures

  1. The pile of cloneboats here is a little annoying, but this tree existing is a good thing because it means WG is no longer committed to single-nation tech trees, so we’ll be able to see all sorts of minor nations’ ships that we otherwise would never get the chance to see. I bet you could get full destroyer and cruiser lines out of a pan-Europe tree, and we might even get to see some South American ships some day.

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    1. You guys are such romantics. You’ve been asking and wishing for this to happen for soooo long. Just accept the fact that it’s a China (or “Asia”) exclusive thing and it’s never going to happen either in WoT or WoWS.


    2. I agree, its a good thing to add this tree, it will also attrect more players overall.
      Furthermore it increases the chance for a mixed european tree including Dutch, Swedish or Spanish vessels … maybe even Austria-Hungary 🙂


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  2. Wow… what a load of useless sh*t from third world countries! Good job Wargaming, who fucking cares about France and Italy!


  3. It’s good to see Destroyers from other nations being pulled into one tech tree before being put into their home nation’s tech tree /Sarcasm

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  4. Tier I – Cheng An. No.40, Type D escort ship “IJN” ?
    Tier II – Long Jiang
    Tier III – Phra Ruang. HMS Radiant, R-class destroyer
    Tier IV – Shen Yang. Namikaze, Nokaze sub-class of Minekaze-class
    Tier V – Jian Wei
    Tier VI – Fu Shun. Rezkiy, Gnevny-class destroyer
    Tier VII – Gadjah Madah. HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes (G16), N-class destroyer
    Tier VIII – Hsien Yang. USS Rodman (DD-456/DMS-21), a Gleaves-class
    Tier IX – Chung Mu. USS Erben (DD-631), Fletcher-class
    Tier X – Hsiang Yang. USS Brush (DD-745), Allen M. Sumner-class

    There was another Gleaves-class destroyer named sien Yang too.
    Tier 2, no clue.
    Tier 5. Shakespeare class similar to Shakespeare class / Thornycroft type destroyer leader according to some posts in wows forums.

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