6th CW Campaign Camouflage Pictures

Also includes a pic of a new NA emblem.



12 thoughts on “6th CW Campaign Camouflage Pictures

    1. This isn’t the first time this emblem was giving out. There was a mini campaign that awarded it too, along with the “you must buy it even though you won it” IS-5.


  1. It’s Season 6 not 6th Campaign.
    First I was happy to see this because I thought I will try to get an another T10 reward, it seems not.
    It just the casual Season Clan Wars.


  2. Fake-News:
    “Based upon the current development in the clan activies, such as strongholdes & advances, we decided to introduce a new clan wars format. Starting with the 6th campaign the clan wars will be skill based so that every player and clan can enjoy the fun of intense battles over the new campaign against appropriate opponents.

    We will add 4 maps and the clan rating decides on what map your clan has to fight in this campaign.

    Good luck tankers and have fun on the battlefield”


  3. Somebody forgot to tell WG that Clan Wars is dead – they killed it with 2.0. Where’s the gold brah? Where’s the reward tank? Ah, not a campaign just a “season”. Shitty camo and retarded emblem, boosts that I don’t really need. My interest is piqued. No wait….

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