World of Warships – Hisashi Reveals The Pan Asia Destroyers

Enjoy the clonefest.


15 thoughts on “World of Warships – Hisashi Reveals The Pan Asia Destroyers

  1. Before people start whining about asian ships getting a tree before their own navy. Please keep in mind that:

    1. Destroyers are a lot easier to model than cruisers/BBs or Carriers. Most of them are clones or heavily re-use previously created game assets as well.
    2. Destroyers are easy (Or, easier, look at the Brit BB Mess) to balance, so this tree will be released quickly.
    3. WG has monetary interests in Asia as well, they need a tree to please the China Market. Or piss them off once they realize most of those ships are Taiwanese, which would be terribly funny because then they will hypocritically recognize Taiwan is actually a different country in their rage. Tops.

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  2. If they are clones of ships already in the game, booooooooo!

    If they are “foreign” ships that didn’t make it into their respective tech trees, yay :)

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  3. Paper projects would be much better – at least some original projects with unique gameplay. This sounds like chinese WOT TD line – same copy-paste shit

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    1. Every single ship displayed is either UK, RU or USA bult and sold to Asia countries, none of them is unique, not even blueprints… this is probably the most boring Tree line ever introduced in a WG game


  4. So basically these are all foreign ships, none of which were designed or built by these Pan Asian countries.

    Not much point in a 2nd USN DD line now that the Pan Asian tree will have Gleaves and Allen Sumner. If that’s not enough, the Thai and Indonesian navies receive tech tree ships before the Italian Navy.

    And what the heck, WG adding British destroyers but not putting them in the British tech tree which is still missing a DD line! 🤦


  5. Tier I – Cheng An No.40, Type D escort ship “IJN” ?
    Tier II – Long Jiang
    Tier III – Phra Ruang HMS Radiant, R-class destroyer
    Tier IV – Shen Yang Namikaze, Nokaze sub-class of Minekaze-class
    Tier V – Jian Wei
    Tier VI – Fu Shun Rezkiy, Gnevny-class destroyer
    Tier VII – Gadjah Madah HNLMS Tjerk Hiddes (G16), N-class destroyer
    Tier VIII – Hsien Yang USS Rodman (DD-456/DMS-21), a Gleaves-class
    Tier IX – Chung Mu USS Erben (DD-631), Fletcher-class
    Tier X – Hsiang Yang USS Brush (DD-745), Allen M. Sumner-class


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