WoWS Q&A – 30th July 2017


Q: Will we see an improved economy for “Air Superiority/Air Supremacy” carriers?

A: “Air Superiority” activities are currently economically balanced with “Strike” activities — the issue is more that American carriers have overly specialized loadouts which include AS, but we’re developing a solution.

Q: Have you considered doing battlecruiser sub-branches from the British and German battleship lines?When can we go from a Clan cap of 30 to a cap of 60, 90, or even 100 — like it is in World of Tanks?

A: We’ll introduce sub-branches (possibly with battlecruisers) in future updates, but right now we’re focused on whole new lines. We do have some sub-branches planned for 2018, so stay tuned!

Q: When can we go from a Clan cap of 30 to a cap of 60, 90, or even 100 — like it is in World of Tanks?

A: We’re certainly aware of your desire for larger Clans and we won’t ignore it — the current design we hope to implement in future updates is still a work in progress, but involves making Clan members able to complete tasks to increase the cap.

Q: Why do you seem to nerf destroyers every update?

A: Well, that’s not true. Let’s look at prior updates:

  • 0.6.8: Buffed Kagero, Yugumo, Akizuki, Shimakaze, Tashkent, Ognevoi, Grozovoi and nerfed Shiratsuyu and Khabarovsk with some specs being buffed
  • 0.6.7: No destroyer balance changes, but some economic buffs for spotting
  • 0.6.6: Buffed Yugumo and Lo Yang
  • 0.6.5: No changes
  • 0.6.4: Buffed Grozovoi, Fubuki, Akatsuki, Kagero, Yugumo, Shimakaze, Mutsuki
  • 0.6.3: Stealth fire removal, which really only affected Akizuki in the end, and some firing range buffs for several destroyers

Q: Where’s HMCS Haida?! 

A: This is a question of philosophy best discussed in a couple of armchairs next to a fireplace, and perhaps a bear rug and some kvass. We’ll let you know when we get the bear rug.

Q: Why was there no compensation after the removal of the separate slot for the Torpedo Reload Booster (TRB) on Shiratsuyu?

A: There was! The TRB got a huge reload buff, which makes it a viable choice instead of smoke! The combination of her consumables, concealment and armament made Shiratsuyu a bit too good. Now, she’s better balanced for her tier.

Q: With the large number of ways to spot torpedoes and destroyers, especially Japanese destroyers now, have you given any thought to removing the aircraft ability to permanently spot torpedoes in the water?

A: We have no plans to remove this ability — it’s a viable support tactic. Japanese destroyers at all tiers still deal decent damage with torpedoes.

Q: Why does Wargaming feel the need to put a gimmick on every new line of ships that comes out? Can we go back to the basics of making ships not dependent on whatever special consumable they get?

A: We don’t solely use consumables to balance a line — even when ships have a unique consumable there’s always something else that defines them. However, it’s important to feature consumables so players can more easily grasp the concept of a new line and have fun from the get-go. It’s better to make more distinctive ships and lines, as players tend to overlook or dislike subtle distinctions.

Q: How are the new Quick Commands voiced for the Commanders of “Arpeggio” ships and Steven Seagal as the collaborative contracts with them have expired for some time now?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no way we can update them with the original voice actors for now, so you’ll hear the default voice for the new commands.

Q: How do you determine main and second battery gun ranges?

A: Main battery gun range is calculated by a formula that takes your Fire Control System specs, position, optics quality, horizon and other real-life aspects into account from the condition of a direct line of sight to a generic five-meter target. This solution may then be tweaked for balance purposes. Secondary range is much easier- it’s determined based on gameplay, with some tier and national bonuses or debuffs, without any “IRL-based” calculation.