WoT Q&A 28.07.2017

Dev FlushDraw was answering questions on the official forum. With the ghost of SerB so you won’t die while reading.

Q: When will you remove the ability to buy premium ammo for credits?
A: That really isn’t needed now.

Q: Yay time ago you informed about implementing the E-10, a tank destroyer with hydraulic suspension. Now that the path has been paved, why not add it?
A: It’s not planned now.

Q: When will the next Trade-In happen?
A: We will inform you about it on the official portal.

Q: When will the Tiger 131 be sold again? (apparently a RU server question)
A: TL;DR – no

Q: Why were Historical Battles shelved?
A: Right now we’re busy with something different.

Q: If and when will Erlenberg be removed?
A: It’s not planned right now. When the maps will be HDified, Erlenberg will be changed too.

Q: Why is Blitz not connected to my WoT premium account?
A: Because it’s a different game.

Q: Arty nerf when?
A: It was rebalanced recently, no more changes are planned now.

Q: Will the T-55A be rebalanced to be in line with the planned buffs for the T-54?
A: It all depends on the data collected and the player feedback.

Q: Will the MT-15-3 mission be changed?
A: If it’s necessary.

Q: Do you plan to increase the ammo loadout for the FV 215 (183) to increase the time one can spend in the battle before running dry?
A: It’s sufficient for now.

Q: Will the MM get changed? The past few days I was a top tier only five times!
A: How terrible! The matchmaker will try to prevent such situations by forcefully putting you into a top tier if you’ve been on the bottom too much, and vice versa, but if the queue time would be too long, you will be dropped into a random team.

Q: When will you increase team damage penalties?
A: We think they’re sufficient.

Q: Will you return fun modes?
A: Nope, we’re focused on Grand Battle now.

Q: Right now doing some missions, like those in which you need to damage/spot/kill arty, is almost impossible? Will you fix that?
A: We’re monitoring the situation, and will fix them if needed – which is not the case now.

Q: Do you plan to buff the Leopard 1?
A: If it’s necessary.

Q: Why are you nerfing the ISU-152?
A: Too much damage and too much pen at once.

Q: Which traverse speed do we see in the game client, since it’s dependent on the terrain?
A: The traverse speed on hard terrain.

Q: Why weren’t Ranked Battles fixed on-the-fly? For example, one could change the medium tank amount, limit SPG amount, or balance the number of specific tank amount (like the Maus).
A: It was a test version of the mode. Fixes will be implemented in the next season.

Q: Will old premium tanks be rebalanced, and when will the Defender return to the store?
A: The former will be checked and evaluated, the latter will be announced.

Q: Do you plan to introduce Italian tanks?
A: Right now we’re not.

Q: Why am I always loosing money? Can you fix that?
A: Send us your replays and we’ll point out why.

Q: When will the game become more realistic? I’m tired of flips and tumbles.
A: Want realism? Join the army! That’s how real life works – you bump into an obstacle and physics do the job.

Q: Why don’t you implement the safe shot mod?
A: Team damage is a game mechanic, and offenders will be punished.

Q: Will the IS-3A be sold again?
A: Follow the official portal for info.

Q: Why won’t you publish the names of banned players?
A: Players don’t need that info, and cheat makers could find out how we’re detecting the cheaters.

Q: 112 buff when?
A: When it’s necessary.



60 thoughts on “WoT Q&A 28.07.2017

  1. A: Team damage is a game mechanic,

    Best answer. I am going to say this from now in when I “accidentally” “lag” a shot into a noobing teammate. Thx WG 😀

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  2. Q: Yay time ago you informed about implementing the E-10, a tank destroyer with hydraulic suspension. Now that the path has been paved, why not add it?
    A: It’s not planned now.

    WG y u do dis? 😦

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  3. “Q: Will the T-55A be rebalanced to be in line with the planned buffs for the T-54?
    A: It all depends on the data collected and the player feedback.”

    Its the same tank with less armor to begin with. Why do you need additional info, T-55A is a nerfed T-54, if you needed to buff/change the T-54 chances are you’ll need to change the T-55A too…


    1. T-55A has some “sniper” abilities (aim time, accuracy, turret rotation, …) compared to the T-54. Amusingly, that’s what you could expect from a soviet tank built for Germany.
      For some reason, the buffs given to one of the T-54’s guns makes it converge to that of T-55A. So they could very well not touch the T-55A and state that it now has the same gun with weaker mobility + armor.

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  4. Oh ok, they arent even planning italian tanks
    Yet tehy want to add a 8/9 blueprint made chinese td line to servers other than the chinese one
    Do wot devs have some sort of retardation of sorts?
    Why even add an italian sub section in the forum? For show?

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    1. better make polish copy paste russian/full fantasy tanks from tier 4 to 10 to milk the big playerbase than a nation who participated in the war a bit more with more tanks too


      1. really, which part of his comment has any kind of racist insinuation?
        are you new around here? don’t you know that is exactly what WG has said about the Polish tech tree until last year?
        it is the truth, before the war they had tanks that were theoretically superior to any german tank but, like the french, lacked the organization and numbers and were defeated
        during the war some polish people fought on the british side with Centaurs (differed in the engine from a Cromwell) and stuff, after the war they got soviet tanks just like the rest of the eastern block countries (like East-Germany), only later would they return to work on their own tanks but those are probably too new for WoT, and that is exactly why WG decided to look into concepts created either by polish for the soviets (like the possible tier 10 heavy tank) or even students from some military academy (I have to apologize but the name did not stuck in my head, I simply cannot remember even in which Q&A I read that)

        the Italians are slightly different, they have both low and mid-tiers and even though the high-tiers had origin elsewhere they were still modified versions from the original, the most obvious would be the M47 that used a 105mm gun instead of the original 90mm gun but there’s also the rumoured project to produce a auto-loading Panther as well as Italy own modified Leopard and other stuff


    2. I’ve pointed it out recently that, despite they saying SerB is not involved anymore (fearfully working in WoT 2.0?), he has his finger all over the current trend of going back to how things were when he was in charge, I mean, he does (if I remember correctly) have a few shares of the company, there’s a limit to how much even the CEO can do to block the influence of one of the owners that is also a DEV, I am confident he probably got someone on the main dev team selling his perspective to the rest, afterall he was the main supporter of the SHADY chinese TD line addition since 2014, at least

      he was the first to publish a pick of some ISU looking chinese TD with a 130mm gun, being a owner he would have interest in the increased volume of merchandise sales, at this point there are still a few modelling companies with such low standards that they would make deals with WG for the release of things such as the WT E-100, since they were the first to “find” it, part of the profits would eventually go to them


  5. Q: Will the MM get changed? The past few days I was a top tier only five times!
    A: How terrible! The matchmaker will try to prevent such situations by forcefully putting you into a top tier if you’ve been on the bottom too much, but if the queue time would be too long, you will be dropped into a random team.

    Say what?…..!
    If that suppose to be the way it works…well then we shouldn’t see the countless MM threads (being closed) on a weekly basis, a non closed thread about the fckup platoon MM situ and a new official & useless feedback thread that is nearing 23 pages.

    But everything is fine, like it has always been for years, so open up tour wallets and consume what we feed you!

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    1. “The matchmaker will try to prevent such situations by forcefully putting you into a top tier if you’ve been on the bottom too much” This part is a lie. They simply brought back the old system that prevents you from being the lowest tier (-2) in a 3-level MM four times in a round. So you can very well play tier 8 and meet the following tiers, in that order : 10 10 10 9 10 10 10 9 10 10 10 9 10 10 10.

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      1. Exactly!MM is dead,oh the irony,the one thing that people didn’t bitch about when 9.18 was coming is now one of the most hated features…I love it when I platoon with my friends in tier 8’s,7’s,6’s and 5’s and we see top tier 2/10 matches(if we are lucky at that).

        Its like:uff bottom tier again,and again and again and again,and then at one point:”hey dude,we are top tier!Damnnnn!”,and they reply:”oh yeah,holy shit I did not expect this,lets hope team is not full of bots”,and proceeds to have a 3-15 battle defeat.Yey,so much fun.

        I remember before 9.18,at tier 8 you would mostly see tier 9’s,8’s and some tier 10’s,but now it seems its more tier 10’s than it is tier 9’s and 8’s…well,we have to live with it for months before WG tries to do something about it.


  6. @Seb: There’s something weird going on with the blog 😦 Sometimes the page keeps loading and loading, causing lag etc. Canceling the load and reloading the page sometimes solves it, but not always :/ Maybe some weird ad that is bugged?


  7. Balance on tier 10 is non existent. Firstly you have tanks with no weakspots and then you have gold spam which makes armor irrelevant. Remember when then e100 had some of the best armor, now its lower plate which is around 225-230mm effective frontaly is almost the lowest now days. I played a few rounds today in e100 and most ammo that was fired was gold ammo penning the lower plate at crazy angles as well as the turret front. In return I cant even pen all tier 10s frontaly despite 246mm AP, where is the fucking balance?

    It is not even fun to play WOT anymore because it force you to use gold ammo, and it also you cant “tank” when people use gold ammo towards you. This is not the defention of fun.

    Remember tier 8 which was the most fun tier because ALL tanks had weakspots that could be exploited by all tiers, AND strong spots which was resistant towards standard ammo on the same tier? Well that concept is long gone which was a big fucking misstake. WG should have never introduced gold ammo and they should have never buffed armor and removing weakspots.

    What ever moron thought buffing armor and removing weakspots was a great idea should be fired because what that essentialy means is that you need to press “2” to be competitive or go fuck yourself. This is not the defention of balance, and that is why I dont waste time on wot anymore, the amount of efforts you put into playing competitive without gold ammo and without OP premium tanks dont equal the amount of fun.

    And now they planning on buffing armor on medium tanks making people spam even more gold and making it harded for people to pen enemies with standard ammo, where the fuck is the balance going these days?


        1. i never once complained about heavy tanks armor. The only things ive always wanted was:

          1. RNG reduced from 25% to 10% on damage/pen.
          2. SPGs removed.


          1. Motok0 you won’t like when SPGs get removed, it might help you when you are in a hul-down position but wait until you are in the receiving end of it when you have no way to flank the enemy

            however I do agree about RNG, if I remember correctly WoWs uses a +/-15% RNG (don’t know if it changed since then) and it still has a huge impact, still it allows us to be more in control of our fate, although it also means that gold-ammo spam would become even more effective


      1. that is why turning it back to gold only or increase it’s silver/credits cost would be negative, it would be they assuming that all that matters is milking the playerbase as much as possible

        the only solution is reducing 10% pen and 30~40% dmg for gold ammo, while keeping the real life values within the +/-25% RNG (100 pen +25%= 125, historically had 118mm pen, stuff like this)


  8. I might as well have asked my dog these answers, at least I would have thought the dog is cute for giving retarded answers, unlike now.


  9. «Q: When will you remove the ability to buy premium ammo for credits?»
    really, who’s dumb enough to say pay-to-win is better than premium-ammo spam? the solution, as several people have pointed out before, is reduce prem-ammo alpha dmg as well as increase the HP pool for every tier (which would also deal the DERP power creeping) because that will turn them into situational options

    I can only think that having the dilemma
    «which round should I use? my gold-ammo will pen 90% of the times but even with a high-roll it cannot one-shot the enemy , while my standard round has to hit a weakspot BUT it will definitly reduce it’s HP to 0»

    we will definitly see 3 types of players if they do that, the first is the type that will carry on with gold-ammo spam but, even though they will still pen you, you will have a chance to out-dpm him and survive
    the 2nd type will be the type that will adapt because they will notice the trade-off between before and after (which will reflect in your xp), although they will still rely on gold-ammo when panicking and/or don’t know the weakspots
    the 3rd type already exists, it’s players, like myself, who pack only a few gold-rounds to deal with higer tier and OP same-tier vehicles when they do not have the chance to disengage, situations like encountering the IS-3 on a narrow street in Himmelsdorf with a tier 6 T-150 (surprisingly, or not, the T-150 can damage most tanks it faces even from higher tiers, or at least it could when I was grinding it, except other soviet tanks and american mantlets)

    still I must say that making them gold-exclusive or increase their silver/credit cost would be wrong, in fact only someone really dumb would suggest that OR someone who knows exactly what they are trying to do, suddenly turning it back to gold exclusive would enable the claims about greed and wanting to milk their players money with that change, the increase in silver cost as well because we all know that at higher tiers you already need prem account and prem tanks to grind enough credits to allow you to fire only gold-ammo, increasing that would be 1 more «nail in the coffin»

    decreasing damage would be ideal, limiting the number you can carry could help BUT it could lead to trouble when it comes to autoloaders (might happen that you are only allowed to take 4 out of 6 from the clip, making you use 2 partial clips)
    removing them won’t work, if so it would be impossible to balance certain tanks, the Shermans for example would not be able to higher tiers and lowering them 1 tier would make them completely OP
    making them “regular” ammo by reducing it’s pen and DMG a little could work but, just like removing, it would make it difficult to balance certain tanks
    I mean, the Chrysler K made the T32 struggle even more obvious, well, in reality the issue with the US tech tree is simply poor planning but even still the T32 has stayed completely useless in higher tiers for too long, that is why it needs, just like the K does, gold-ammo to stay competitive (especially with the Super-Heavies power creep) and if you reduce it’s pen you completely kill it because the only option would be to go with the MTs but it does not have the mobility to do that, as it is right now because it would still have a chance if you gave it a different round profile like Murazor (I think) mentioned recently about making diffrences between Shot/AP, APC, APBC, APCBC, APHE, APCR, HEAT, HE, HESH, APDS, etc… even more noticeable

    in conclusion players NEED A REASON to not use gold-ammo, more precisely reduced dmg (I think 30~40% would be ideal)


    1. Only real solution is to introduce weakspots to ALL tanks so people dont need to shoot gold ammo, Skill should come from proper positioning, weakspot knowledge, trading, tank movement etc. I.e. skills which was more important before the gold spam erra. For example you can angle all you want in a e100 you still get penned by heat and prem apcr by tier 9-10 tanks in lower plate and turret. Even som tier 8 can pen a angled e100 in lower plte du to hagvin 258-270mm apcr pen. How the fuck is that good for “balance”? In a balanced game, nobody would need to use gold ammo and armor vs pen would be balanced accordingly, just like it was in the old days of wot. Bad armor = better gun. Better armor = worse gun. But now, they are tanks, both HTs and MTs which has armor, mobility AND gun handling and pen etc, or HTs which has retarded armor immune to standard ammo, equally retarded.


    2. while I would also prefer the solution that premium ammo simply deals less damage (just like in armored warfare where the better penetrating APFSDS deals significantly less damage than HEAT) making premium ammo available for real money only is not such a bad idea as you think. In theory it enables pay 2 win but you might not know that a couple years ago this was actually how it was in wot. And you had almost zero gold spam because no one in their right mind was paying ~1€ for ammo after each and every battle. Ofc you had some people abusing this but honestly I’d rather take those 1% kids with rich parents over everyone firing premium ammo anytime.


  10. Q: Why are you nerfing the ISU-152?
    A: Too much damage and too much pen at once.

    The legendary ISU152 ALWAYS like that from the beginning !!!!! I’m not playing ISU152, but i respect that legendary ISU152 and the infamous BL10, It have almost no armor, no mobility, below average camo rating, gun handling is shit, so damage and penetration is TRADEMARK of ISU152 BL10 ! That idiot Muzaror MUST be fired immediately !!


  11. WG as a company don’t care at al about game balance and fun to play with some thinking involved
    and its so clear to see why

    balance, fun to play, thinking?

    none of that earns WG lots of money with your credit cards
    if any improvements to WOT meant getting your credit cards twice as much as today, THEN and only then will there be any real improvements

    pay to play and pay to win


  12. I went to the army for fuckin’ two years already. WG is just irritating the topic. No realistic in WoT? From when?


  13. Having no weakspots is silly. Game was much better in the old days in terms of armor vs penetration. Exploiting weakspots is not an issue, it is more skill based, alot more skill based than just press “2” either because you are a lazy cunt or because you have to. Fuck WOT, devs have ruined the game that one had a good concept.


    1. Because they want people to spend money thinking the devs “care”. Not a single suggestion the last 4 years had been good according to myself. Balance in WOT was non existent since day 1 when devs decided to introduce arty and have 5+/- MM. Game was okay balanced except arty and MM before they started to buff armor and remove weakspots on HD models, since the the balance has just become more and more retarded in wot. And still keep on getting more silly e.g. the MT armor buffs and arty stun effect and the on going removel of weakspots. Even the japanese rebalance is stupid, they have like weakspots that are 240-250mm on the tier 9 and 260-270mm on tier 10, that is above what most tanks have standard pen anyways.

      I wont support WG anymore and I was a hard core player. It is no point playing a game that is not fun anymore due to balance fuck ups and incompetend devs. WG, fuck you and fuck victor and fuck all developers, bad things till come to you because you treated customers badly.


  14. Updates say “fuck you, players, we don’t care about you”

    Q&As say “fuck you, players, we don’t care about you”

    Soon they’ll have “GTFO” as a banner on the official portal, and their next TV ad will probably be SerB in a bath of money and tears giving us middle fingers from his moon base.


  15. Q: When will you remove the ability to buy premium ammo for credits?
    Sounds like wallet warriors or people in big clans whining about not being invincible in overbuffed tanks


  16. My must tier 9 and 10 tanks be so much better than tier 8 anyways? WG made a big misstake to make the tier 9 and 10 HTs so powerfull. For example the tiger II is okay on tier 8 and the tier 9 should have an up-armored tiger II with a 390 dmg gun and then on tier 10 should be the E-75 with the 128mm, that makes sense and no Op fucking problematic shit. Same with the is3, the is8 is fine on tier 9 and on tier 10 could be a upp-armored is8 or some shit. Core issue in WOT is that the tanks advance too much in tires creating the need for gold ammo and all other shit.


  17. The principal cause of premium ammo spam is that you have to take on tanks frontally. Angle the armour a bit and it becomes virtually impenetrable to standard ammo. Answer: fire premium. Why? Because you can’t flank – well, not easily on most maps. The problem is corridor maps. Fix the maps and most of the issues are resolved.

    Most of these retarded f*cks who are the devs have never served in the military. If they had then perhaps they would understand why there are no super-heavy tanks: because fire and movement. They don’t want bigger, more open maps (which clearly ARE possible as they have shown) because that limits the mobility of the big super-heavies. For them this game is about super-heavies so they won’t fix the issues because THEY are the issue.


    1. People always faced tanks frontaly in wot, differance is that all tanks had weakspots that could be penned by same and lower tiers. Also many superarmored tanks didnt even exist a few years back. Why should a tier 8 MT have 223mm upper plate, super small lower plate ans 270mm effective turret (fv2020)?

      Also the reason for premium spam is not “only” because you cant pen tanks frontaly, back in the days premium ammo was still spammed despite all tanks had viable weakspots AND before maps were changed. The reason for premium spam is because premium ammo exist, simple remove it as I have said and balance armor vs pen accordingly but that will never happen because WG are greedy fucks.


      1. People fail to consider one reason why game worked without gold ammo back in the day – player skill.

        Nobody really knew how to play. Nobody was sidescraping in heavies, so you had easy shots into their sides. Players were crossing fields in the open. Not returning fire because many features were missing (hit direction indicator, extra minimap info). Only super minor part of the playerbase knew gamemechanics. Lack of weakspot knowledge – if you had some armor atleast you were bouncing.

        Also, different HE mechanics, HE was fairly consistently doing 1/3 of it’s alpha DMG so it was actually kinda viable round.

        Check this channel if you don’t believe me, he was one of the first “unicums” in the game before that term even existed. Battles uploaded there pretty much feel like farming bots or sealclubbing in T2.


        You can’t remove it at this point without complete rebalance of the tanks and maps, possibly even game mechanics, if you simply remove it game is going to be more broken than it is right now.


  18. Nerf ISU 152? CHRIST! It has 1010 HP playing against tanks with 1500 to 2200+, glass all the way around! Turns like a school bus! A neon sign on top! Misses every 3rd shot.


  19. Oh, I see….it’s moaning for the sake of moaning! Remember, the game can be played for free (as I do, mostly) but the company is in business to make money. There may be things we don’t like about it, but generally it’s pretty good. If you really hate it as much as you say you do on this forum, then go play another game.


  20. The guy answering those questions comes across as a smug jerk who gives one sentence replies.

    I’ve really begun to think of WG as a company full of pure D-Bags.

    And I used to shovel money at them every week.


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