WoT Q&A 28.07.2017

Dev FlushDraw was answering questions on the official forum. With the ghost of SerB so you won’t die while reading.

Q: When will you remove the ability to buy premium ammo for credits?
A: That really isn’t needed now.

Q: Yay time ago you informed about implementing the E-10, a tank destroyer with hydraulic suspension. Now that the path has been paved, why not add it?
A: It’s not planned now.

Q: When will the next Trade-In happen?
A: We will inform you about it on the official portal.

Q: When will the Tiger 131 be sold again? (apparently a RU server question)
A: TL;DR – no

Q: Why were Historical Battles shelved?
A: Right now we’re busy with something different.

Q: If and when will Erlenberg be removed?
A: It’s not planned right now. When the maps will be HDified, Erlenberg will be changed too.

Q: Why is Blitz not connected to my WoT premium account?
A: Because it’s a different game.

Q: Arty nerf when?
A: It was rebalanced recently, no more changes are planned now.

Q: Will the T-55A be rebalanced to be in line with the planned buffs for the T-54?
A: It all depends on the data collected and the player feedback.

Q: Will the MT-15-3 mission be changed?
A: If it’s necessary.

Q: Do you plan to increase the ammo loadout for the FV 215 (183) to increase the time one can spend in the battle before running dry?
A: It’s sufficient for now.

Q: Will the MM get changed? The past few days I was a top tier only five times!
A: How terrible! The matchmaker will try to prevent such situations by forcefully putting you into a top tier if you’ve been on the bottom too much, and vice versa, but if the queue time would be too long, you will be dropped into a random team.

Q: When will you increase team damage penalties?
A: We think they’re sufficient.

Q: Will you return fun modes?
A: Nope, we’re focused on Grand Battle now.

Q: Right now doing some missions, like those in which you need to damage/spot/kill arty, is almost impossible? Will you fix that?
A: We’re monitoring the situation, and will fix them if needed – which is not the case now.

Q: Do you plan to buff the Leopard 1?
A: If it’s necessary.

Q: Why are you nerfing the ISU-152?
A: Too much damage and too much pen at once.

Q: Which traverse speed do we see in the game client, since it’s dependent on the terrain?
A: The traverse speed on hard terrain.

Q: Why weren’t Ranked Battles fixed on-the-fly? For example, one could change the medium tank amount, limit SPG amount, or balance the number of specific tank amount (like the Maus).
A: It was a test version of the mode. Fixes will be implemented in the next season.

Q: Will old premium tanks be rebalanced, and when will the Defender return to the store?
A: The former will be checked and evaluated, the latter will be announced.

Q: Do you plan to introduce Italian tanks?
A: Right now we’re not.

Q: Why am I always loosing money? Can you fix that?
A: Send us your replays and we’ll point out why.

Q: When will the game become more realistic? I’m tired of flips and tumbles.
A: Want realism? Join the army! That’s how real life works – you bump into an obstacle and physics do the job.

Q: Why don’t you implement the safe shot mod?
A: Team damage is a game mechanic, and offenders will be punished.

Q: Will the IS-3A be sold again?
A: Follow the official portal for info.

Q: Why won’t you publish the names of banned players?
A: Players don’t need that info, and cheat makers could find out how we’re detecting the cheaters.

Q: 112 buff when?
A: When it’s necessary.