Pudel Going on Sale Soon

The first Polish premium tank, Pudel (Tier 6, 🇵🇱Polish, Premium Medium) should go on sale on all regions in early August, in the coming week. Price in gold: 3650. Over time, this vehicle should appear in the in-game store.

Link to Pudel Stats


11 thoughts on “Pudel Going on Sale Soon

  1. “Over time, this vehicle should appear in the in-game store.”

    Save the original source where this was stated, then lets hold them to this promise. Insert the mental picture of Monty Python’s Trout Slapping sketch ;)


  2. I’ll wait for it till it ends up in the store and is on discount (eventually) Made that mistake with the Vk45.03. Paid €30 when it was on the advent calender, it ended up in the store/tech tree with a 30% discount. Could have saved me €10…

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  3. Isn’t it standard procedure for the premium tank that is released before a new nation to not be in the in game store until sometime after the line is released? I realize this blog only exists now to complain about every single aspect of the game and WG in general.


    1. Then why read it? Sometimes I think some of the youtubers for wot are biased. I just don’t watch them. Problem solved.


  4. Hooray! Another famous tank building nation! Might as well put Polski FIAT in the game. Maybe Belgian chocolate waffle tank will be next


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