Strv 81 Coming In August

The first high tier Swedish Premium medium, Strv 81 (Tier 8) can be tried out at Gamescom 2017 (from 22 to 26 August), WG will also sell it around those dates. The whole thing will be promoted by media and the Swedish heavy power metal band Sabaton. For all regions.


25 thoughts on “Strv 81 Coming In August

        1. Wasnt it you who whent and ranted in my forum thread when i called you out on using our documents on swedish ships (which were reposted by pasholok first), and wasnt it you who continually posted swedish tank related stuff that came from my and rens research and credited it to other people?

          I honestly find it rather funny that you keep trying to bait me into writing something for you when your past comments made it pretty clear that you dont care for me or my work and just want to have content for your site. Tell me a single reason why i shouldnt just stick to Status report.


            1. Don’t you think that your private business issues are jsut that and you should ot share it with the community?


      1. Why would they keep adding in premium mediums if the Swedish hightier mediums arent even coming anytime soon?

        Are there any heavy tank premium candidates? As I mean, there still isnt a trainer for heavies.


  1. well, lets see how successful this thing will be with the actual MM, where tier 8 tanks almost all the time get the short end of the stick. and this affects prem-tanks as well, forcing you to use prem-ammo much more regularly, especially in a tier 8 med, which cannot pen even some tier 9 meds he will meet like 90% of the time.


    1. Well it does get the rather decent 20 pdr with 226 pen. Probably still need gold for most heavies but the extra pen should ve nice.


    1. Warthunder lied to you, the standard strv 81 never had atgm’s, only one tank was tested with 6 SS11 missiles (WT got this wrong too since they based the tank one one picture)


  2. So then 9.20 is coming with Gamescom since thats when Centurions get the turret armor.
    What’s sad is that the Strv 81 has been shown with this OP turret armor months ago but only now they say that standard Cents are getting the armor for ST…


        1. polish premium was released around the same time as the swedish and czech prems were and we already have cammo, crew etc for the polish tree. you tell me


  3. So it’s the Centurion Mk. I in it’s buffed state, with a Swedish flag on it. It’s a bit cheap, but I think I might buy it. I got a good crew waiting for it and I always liked the Centurion, even after the HD nerf. With more then 250 mm turretarmor and 226 mm pen it will perform well in the current mm. With crewskills, rammer, vents and consumables, you can get up to almost 2500 dpm. It’s basically a Patriot with a weaker hull and better mobility, if you look at it like that.

    The only problem with premiums like this (the same as the tech-tree variant) is that you can run it with consumables and load it with goldshells only, without losing credits. So because of it’s profitability, it’s basically better then the regular Centurion…

    I know you are missing the point of a premium tank that way, but I can assure you that most of the players run their premiums this way.


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