July 27 – Incoming Micropatch

On July 27, from 6:00 to 6:45 (GMT) the servers will be unavailable in connection with the release of a small update. In this update:

– Fixed a bug where after completing the training grounds, in some cases, statistics would be reset in the main hangar.
Now, if “pre-battle instructions” included auto-refill of equipment, in the “battle results” its value is displayed correctly.
– Fixed some technical problems.


10 thoughts on “July 27 – Incoming Micropatch

  1. who gives a shit even (if its a old patch oops?
    – the only reason for new up-coming WG micro-patches is NOT to fix bugs, lol yeah believe that one

    but to slip/ sneak WG Developer code shit into the game to keep it ” Developer balanced” for quick slaughter 4 min battles and to restore unbalanced MM for quick battles

    am I wrong?


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