WoT 9.20 ST – British Meds #2

Detailed changes, supplementing the last article.


– Engine power increased from 510 to 650
– Specific power increased from 12.26 to 15.63
– Improved armor:
• Upper front plate of the hull increased from 50.8 mm to 76.2 mm
• Turret front armor increased from 170 mm to 240 mm.

Centurion Mk 1

– Turret front armor increased from 152.4 mm to 254 mm.

Centurion Mk 7/1

– Changed description
– Turret front armor increased from 152.4 mm to 254 mm.

Centurion Action X

– Turret front armor increased from 198.1 mm to 254 mm.


50 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 ST – British Meds #2

    1. yeah plese do that.. since HEAT has no normalisation shooting it against highly angled armour is such a great idea!…after you’ve unloaded all your HEAT and posted about about cheats and hacks on the official forum because you finished with zero damage you can then go read some wiki and learn some basic game mechanics which will help retardios like you much more than pressing 2….

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      1. Heat doesnt have overmatch or normalisation, but the autobounce angle is not the same (85° vs 75 for AP/APCR).

        Considering the sometimes ridiculous pen values, it may still work.


        1. Ofc it will work, heat is the best shell for angled armors due to its high pen, only clueless ppl think heat is bad for angled armor.


          1. many people has the misconception that AP is better against angled armor than HEAT due to the 5deg normalization, but in effect, this is moot, because most of the time, the AP pen is still not adequate anyway even against the armor whose effective thickness had been reduced by the normalization.

            Even though HEAT does not have any normalization, it simply punches through it by sheer amount of pen. Also more importantly, HEAT autobounce angle is 85 deg instead of 70 for AP, which is why when you see an S-tank, you load HEAT.


            1. When you see an S tank if it has any form of angle (if not aiming straight at you) you just fire at the tracks and it will overmatch the sides.

              You’ll save so much credits.


              1. Doing that you’re at the mercy of RNG and your accuracy. Load HEAT and you’re golden so long as you hit the general outline.


        2. lol oh yeah? The Cent AX has 380 effetive forehead armor pre-buff when using all of the gun depression. Good luck spamming heat against that unless you are driving jpz or some t10 boomsticks. And even then i doubt you have the gun handling to reliably hit it anyways.


      2. hmm I am not completely sure cause I dont play so much anymore

        But think to remember that heat doesnt autobounce as fast (was it 80 degree instead of 70?)
        so I guess it would be not a bad idea to shoot heat at angled parts that otherwise might autobounce your ap

        Of course you would need a higher pen because of the lack of normalisation but thats something heat usually have


        1. I believe HEAT used to have an autobounce angle of 80 or I could just be getting old and my brain is failing.

          Currently on the wiki it has 70 degrees for AP/APCR and 85 for HEAT.


      3. Heat autobounces at 80 degrees,ap/apcr autobounces at 70 degrees(but it has 5/2 normalization,i think). F*ck math Hulkageddon2 and ofc f*uck logic in your case. You almost typed somethign smart mate ,almost.


  1. The 4202 upper plate armor still not really strong on flat ground or close range I would say
    but far better than the centurion
    With the new engine and the better ground resistance probably at least as mobile as cent now
    Guess its obvious which tank is better although the dpm still is a little behind


        1. “Not enough data collected”.

          If they manage to not gather enough data for AMX40 even though it is a forced step for almost everything in the french nation after all these years ; dont expect a buff for very rare tanks anytime soon unless they can make money out of them.


      1. When played by a competent player, no, the Matilda BP doesn’t need a buff. When played by scroats, then yeah, it blows great big blue monkey chunks. I’m an average player and do well in it, but then I do well in the it’s faster alter ego, the Ram II.

        The same goes for the FV201 (A45). To most players it’s a meh tank…in the hands of a competent player is shines…


  2. i am definitely not a fan of these changes. we now have 50kmh top speed medium tanks that have great gun dep have great guns and now with turrets near as good as the e75s…


      1. Turret is far from useless. Unreliable, yes. Useless not.
        E 50 has good DPM for it’s tier, E 50M doesn’t. Doesn’t mean they are bad tanks.

        There are some things you can’t explain in stats and that is the platform. The fact is E 50 and E 50M have great platforms, lots of top players that play in WGL like E 50M (and E 50).


    1. I wouldn’t say the gun is great though, particularly the 4202, it has rather nice pen yes, but it has bad alpha, gun handling, and DPM, in addition, a single shell costs like almost 700 creds for 220 alpha, while for instance, t26e5 shell costs 250 creds for 240 alpha


  3. Finally I can have some good uses for my free FV4202 tank from the CAX event, after so many patches, from a pile of scra, now it can proudly stands in the line of best premium tanks, and of course many people had the tank the same way as mine, so this is a good change :D


  4. OMG, I cant belive they are doing this!

    Everyone, me included, got that FV for free, and now they are making it OP as fuck.

    How will they sell the new OP premiums if they do this!?


    1. FV still has a super flat turret front ; its like the pre-buff Maus. And everyone knows that the Maus turret (when it was only 240mm) was the most useless piece of shit that could happen to the tank. Because of the angle it could be penned from any angle, and as soon as the Maus angled it enough then the turret side became easy to pen.

      Well with FV its no different, lower tier will spam gold and higher tier wont even need it.

      Enjot your OP-ness. It’s “fake” OP like the Skorpion : it looks and sounds good but is average/normal in the end.


      1. Ok, I checked the images linked above, and if my eyes aren`t deceiving me, most of the front of the turret (the unangled/slightly angled part) has 240mm of armour.

        I don`t know how you call it, but I call really, REALLY good for a tier 8 medium.
        I mean, how many same tier tanks (that are not TDs) have enough pen to go through that without gold? And people WILL shoot regular ammo, at least part of the time. It`s not like credits are unlimited for everyone.

        While we are at it, which other tier 8 mediums have better turrets? The only ones that spring to mind are the Pershing and Patton KR (not sure about the Chinese and the Type).
        But the thing is that all of these tanks have other negative sides to cancel out strong turrets, usually bad penetration with regular ammo (which for ME is a HUGE deal, especially if it`s a premium tank).

        The only downsides FV will have now are subpar DPM (but it`s only 5-10% less than other mediums in the tier), and bad gun handling (but it can now more often brawl at a few meters range, where it matters less).

        Overall, definitely OP. Not as gamebreaking OP as some of the retarded new prems, but those are really a story for themselves (Defender should have NEVER EVER EVER made it into the game with that armour layout).

        P.S. Again, that is if I`m understanding the picture above correctly. When it comes to tanks.gg we will know better.


        1. Oh yeah, and the Skorpion is OP as well. I don`t know how you can say that it isn`t?
          RHM was videly considered to be the best TD at the tier, and then they introduced Skorpion that is better where it matters (mobility).

          Also, if it`s not OP, why is it so common at tier 8?

          Again, it maybe isn`t the most OP vehicle out there, but it is definitely better than just “good”, when compared to same tier and class tanks.


          1. Skorpion is very strong, but only in the hands of a skilled player. And besides, it can’t carry due to the lack of armor. When you are spotted, you are gone.


            1. When you are spotted you will just move back into cover with 20 kph
              This tank is as mobile as a tier 8 med has a turret and a gun that aims faster and hits twice as hard and with more pen than a usual tier 8 med
              This tank is as broken as the defender imho with more carrypotential as the defender because you have dpm and mobility


        2. It may have a good turret, but the hullarmor makes it OP. I think WG is rebalancing this vehicle in the wrong way: I’d rather see a mobility, DPM and gunhandling buff. It’s damagepotential in the hands of a skilled player will get bigger, because you have to expose yourself less to take a shot this way and have the mobility to cruise around the map looking voor opportunities to do dmg.


  5. Lol, other than the Lowe I don’t remember a premium tank that got as many buffs as the FV4202 (and for the Lowe it took years, for FV it took much less). So, from POS to one of the best premium meds available?


  6. I like these changes to the british line, finally we can fight on ridgelines and make that british (subpar) accuracy work (I need to always await for fully closed circle or the gun will do … strange things).

    Now, please WG: buff the Tiger II armor with some unreal values for, you know, … balance reasons! :)


  7. The fv4202 turret is not gonna be that strong, the forehead is 240mm effective, but due to normalization, it will only be 195mm effective gainst AP, so most same-tier opponent will still able to pen it on flat grounds.

    The centurion 1 turret seems to still be better overall, since all the 240mm part are flat thus not subject to normalization and will still always be 240mm against AP


    1. The frontal hull will also not be very strong I think if not autobounce I expect to deflect at best IS gun penetration values
      The centurion turret will be far better on flat ground I think


      1. indeed, if you’re not angled (thus not on autobounce angle), the effective thickness against AP is only around 180mm thick (the 223mm effective we see on the other post is against HEAT with no normalization), thus only good against ~175mm pen gun like the one on IS


        1. still a good buff especially the mobility and turret buff
          I remember as I saw one FV 4202 on the hill in himmelsdorf and attacked it close combat with my
          vk (M) tier 6 med knowing I had the better dpm (and armor lol)
          absolutely no problem to pen it with 150 had the choice if shooting at upper turret or just through the front hull
          that would be way harder now
          nice versus autoloader scouts also


  8. I’m really undecided if I take the M48A1 or Cent. AX……
    With the recent buff, what do you think is the best?
    I was thinking about the AX, causing more speed and accuracy


  9. Speaking frankly, despite all the years, the great amount of forums and the messages of the people because it has not been allowed to the caernavon an improvement in its damage or armor leaving it like a soft heavy tank for its tier, causing many to leave The line in that tier or in turn making it difficult to pass to the conqueror. Angun dia will give an improvement to the caernavon that will make it competent as a first line tank?


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