Veider is back

A year ago, Murazor joined Wargaming as head of balancing department. This position was earlier occupied by Stanislav “Veider” Kargin. And now Veider returns. This was confirmed last weekend. However, not to WoT, but this time to WoWS. He will be working at Lesta as part of a team focusing on various game modes – PvE and others.


11 thoughts on “Veider is back

    1. Yes, of course, because in those times when he was “da bozz of balans”, Pasholok was able to invent his best goodies like the mighty WTE or Japanese heavy line.


      1. Yes they may have been OP tech tree vehicles but it was after Veider left and Murazor joined when the completely OP premiums and stupid over-buffs to tanks that did not need it were implemented

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    1. id love a PVE mode in WoT like AW then i wont have to worry about being locked outa teir 8+ tanks because they make me bleed creds and playing low teir to farm more just isnt fun to me nor are the low teir tanks interesting to play


  1. Don’t know anything about this guy so can’t comment, but I hope he’ll do a good job for WoWs. Time will tell.


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