WoT ST – Erlenberg Redone

Variant #1:

  • The city around the river in the first zone would be expanded, giving more safe space for heavies. In turn the terrain in the zones marked with the number two  would be accommodated for better base defense.

Variant #2:
The second variant is designed for better flanking.

  • #1 – changed base locations;
  • #2 – new respawn points to scatter the teams across the river a bit
  • #3 – increased the number of defense and attack points


15 thoughts on “WoT ST – Erlenberg Redone

  1. Seems like that with V2 the gamplay would stay pretty simmilar and with V1 it could change rather drasticaly.
    Will be interesting with what they will go.


    1. Seems like V1 is the “let’s put the heavies in the middle so they can get flanked and shot” mentality, and it will fail because everyone will hate it when they get shot from multiple sides while “in cover.”


  2. Work out two versions. Then Common Test both and rework them from received feedback, for a second iteration. Or, choose one from first feedback round to reiterate into a pre-release version for a second test then release.


      1. All for the same reason. Big stupid heavies had too hard a time at getting back to base if one of the hotspots were broken by the enemy team. Pearl River in particular also allowed ot outflank the heavies easily. Can’t have that in this game.


    1. Just… no, Pearl River was terrible. I was shocked by the Northwest removal though, that map would take 2 hour tops to fix. (memewhile Abbey is still in the game)


  3. so many maps needs to be removed or changed, but erlenberg was not one of them.

    they need to remove /change ASAP:
    one of the version of himmelsdorf and ruinberg
    redo abbey
    remove the beach from overlord and make the map bigger
    remove the water side from serene coast and make the rest of the map bigger
    re-redo swamp or un-do the changes to the previous versions
    un-do the changes made to tundra, the 1st version was way better.
    remove widepark

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  4. We have much worse maps to change it. Erlenberg is not so bad… Anybody knows- does WG with HD maps will bring old maps back or not? I mean Severogorsk, Pearl River, Hidden Village, Komarin, Port…?

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  5. again stupit op med player whining…. you have 50km top speed with quick acc. but still have better dpm even able pen heavies from frontal armor in the bushes… ofc small size with nearly same camo ratings with lights….
    atm meds are stupit op and everbody saw 140 czec cancer and batchat cancer how worked @ ranked…
    med users are whiny stupit op selfish idiot. i hope these selfish bastards liars get a cancer go to hell because they are doing same in real life. theyhave no morals. they are blood sucker…


  6. All the need to do it take Murovanka, reskin it a few times and remove all the other 39 shit maps. Maps fixed forever!


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