WoWS – Naval Legends : Błyskawica


5 thoughts on “WoWS – Naval Legends : Błyskawica

  1. fuck polaks. they have no heart no brain no honour. every fucking battle isaw their worthless selfish gameplay…
    fuck poland fuck wg. still no italia but fucking poland. what did poland? these fucking embeciles cant do anything. only can whoring. poland is fucking huge brothel for eu….


    1. I see that you don’t really understand the marketing resons behind this. I am ”polak whore”, but the reason our nation will be first is because we are huge market, same as Czechs and Germans. We are one if not the biggest community, which means a lot of profit for WG in terms of gold for free exp etc. for nation griniding. I recon you ain’t the smartest, judging from your comment, but to be as sad and butthurt is just pathetic.

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