WoT 9.20 ST – Jagdtiger 88 rebalance

Quick info:

  • hull traverse buffed from 22 to 26 deg/s
  • hull traverse max. bloom worsened by about 20%

38 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 ST – Jagdtiger 88 rebalance

      1. I guess they will call it an “overall buff” to avoid trashtalk… Afaik they never nerfed a premium before (publically)


        1. its no nerf, the increase in bloom is due to higher traverspeed. If you would/could rotate at the same speed, bloom would stay the same most likely ;)


  1. Well i always did tons of money with jg88 even the way he is without the buff, but if they want to buff it so be it, its a tier 9 hull with pref MM and better RoF than a tiger 1, now it gets turning speed to defend himself even better. Did they changed balance department? because its the second buff they’re doing right, churchill gc, now this one.

    Feels like its not the same team that was working with the crazy buffs and nerfs from before

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    1. Because it turns faster…so logically the bloom will get bigger…off this is not the case for some tanks in this game


  2. Guys its not getting accuracy on traverse nerf. It gets worse only because it now turns faster. Faster movement = bigger dispersion.

    The dispersion itself is not nerfed, dont worry.

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  3. I would call it a buff when they would just increased the traverse, since the tank doesnt fit the meta these days. But this way its just wasted time.


  4. Buff the tracks as well would be ideal….

    This TD always make money for me but I can’t carry the team in it so WR is…..well, I don’t need to get any further right?


    1. yeah CDC is really needing a buff too, pretty bad accuracy for a tank that have a leopard play style and zero armor.


  5. They want to bring the JT88 on the same level as JT. So they have to improve the terrain ressistance for medium terrain as well, since its worse on the JT88 and so it will still turn notable worse.

    This increase of traverse doesn’t mean anything and not worth the 20% increase on dispersion.


  6. Maybe they wanna bring the other Jtiger clone into the shop and ensure that it’s attractive to the market…


  7. Well a buff is a buff to my loved Jagdie88 But i still dont know how are we supossed to feel against a Defender or Patriot A slight buff in pen would be nice (212 standard?) but we will see


    1. I have never been happy to face a Jagdtiger slightly hull down aiming towards me… JT88 DPM is very deadly when properly positioned. Might be hard to get to those positions but I’ve seen people farming hard when done right…


      1. Sure it is, I have around 1k battles and a lot of fun in it but that was a long time ago. Now and then I used to take it out for a spin but it’s difficult to play now and not much fun anymore. Make 1 mistake and you might as well return to the garage, it’s become obsolete because it’s so sluggish. The armor is good hulldown as you say but with gold it’s very easy to penetrate the side of the mantlet and kill it.


  8. This is not rebalance, this is fucking an obsolete TD and making it worse. It is clearly not competitive compared to Skorpion G, Defender, AMX M4 M49, Chrysler etc.

    Yes, we have fun it, we make credits, but objectively speaking it’s low alpha, slow speed, lack of armor compared to current tanks make it thoroughly overmatched.


  9. You retards do realize that WG is fucking with JT88 owners right? 22 degrees to 26 is NOT a significant change (you won’t even FEEL it), however, the gun handling nerf is.


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