HMS Iron Duke – Researchable tier 5 British Battleship Preview

Images courtesy of World of Warships Asia Facebook Page.




11 thoughts on “HMS Iron Duke – Researchable tier 5 British Battleship Preview

    1. Most likely reserved for an alternate battleship line. Likely to appear as a premium first, like USS Alabama represents the South Dakota class


    2. I don’t think Revenge class will ever find a place as a normal ship in the game.We will probably get Royal Oak as a premium and that’s it. I mean, it has too many similarities with Queen Elizabeth class but still doesn’t really deserve T6 in terms of service history.

      Unless of course WG decides to reorganize tech trees properly, splitting BB lines and introducing Battlecruiser and Heavy/ Light cruiser classes. That’s not going to happen any time soon judging by the speed of the development.


  1. quick recap:
    HMS Bellerophon (1910 refit) »» tier 3
    HMS Orion (1934 refit) »» tier 4 (sold in 1922, don’t know where the hell they found the 1934 refit)
    HMS Iron Duke (1939 refit) »» tier 5
    HMS Queen Elizabeth »» tier 6? pre or post-refit? 8 15inch might be OP at tier 6
    HMS King GEorge V »» tier 7
    so many candidates for tier 8, none leaked yet (HMS Vanguard would be ideal)
    HMS Lion »» tier 9
    HMS Conqueror »» tier 10
    HMS Nelson leaked, tier 7 or 8?

    my idea for 1 BB line + 1 BB/Battlecruiser (CC) line

    2 (premium): HMS Dreadnougt
    3: Bellerophon
    3 (P): St.Vicent class or HMS Neptune (1909)
    4: Orion
    4 (P): Colossus
    5: Iron Duke
    5 (P): King George V (1911) [KG V 11]
    6: KG V 1939
    6 (Alternative): Queen Elizabeth or Renown
    7: Nelson
    7 (A): KG V 1939
    8: N3
    8 (A): Nelson or HMS Vanguard
    9: Lion
    10: Conqueror

    BB/CC line:
    3: St. Vicent or HMS Neptune 1909
    3 (A): Indefatigable/Invencible classes (8×12 inch guns, 7inch armour, 25knots)
    4: Collossus
    4 (A): Lion class CC (27knt, 9inch armour, 8×13.5inch guns) or Indefatigable/Invencible classes
    5: KG V 1911
    5 (A): Courageous class CC (10inch armour, 32 knots, 4x15inch guns) or HMS Tiger/Queen Mary (8×13.5inch guns, 28 knots, 9 inch armour)
    6: Renown class CC (10 inch armour, 31knt, 6x15inch guns)
    6 (A): Courageous class CC or Revenge class BB
    7: Nelson class BB
    7 (A): Renown class CC
    8: Admiral class (from where the HMS Hood came from)
    8 (A): HMS Vanguard (if there is a tier 9 alternative)
    9: HMS Vanguard (14inch armour, 30knots, 8x15inch guns), or anything I don’t know about
    10: G3 CC (32 knots, 14inch armour, 9x16inch guns)


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