War Thunder – 20.06.2017 Datamine

New stuff from _mike10d as usual.

War Thunder Unofficial Patch Notes June 20th 2017 by _mike10d

Live Server Changes

Text Changes

Tank PvE description (shown on mouseover)



Cooperative PvE game mode where players defend an allied base from several waves of enemy attackers. Every day’s first battle in the “”Assault”” mode gives players a special reward.

Cooperative PvE game mode in which players defend an allied base from several waves of enemies. Everyday’s first battle in the “”Assault”” mode brings players a special reward.

This game mode has 5 levels depending on the maximum battle rating of your vehicle setup:

1.0 – 2.3

2.7 – 3.7

4.0 – 5.0

5.3 – 6.3


Plan your vehicle setup accordingly.

Economy Changes

Can be found here

Italian Tree

The following planes have been unlocked for all players:

  • C-202ec
  • Z-1007 bis serie 3

Dev Server Changes

New Titles

  • Vengeance from above
  • Baptized by Fire
  • Stiff Upperlipped
  • Fangs of Steel
  • Die hard
  • Horrendous
  • Daredevil
  • Thick-skinned

New Decals

  • 510th_heavy_panzer_battalion
  • British_bulldog
  • Soviet_torch
  • Tengu_mask
  • Wild_boar
  • Ak_9_29gviap

Starter Pack

Starter packs are still being worked on, and have changed from a small plane pack to 1000GE discount for player who first started after some recent date and have one tier 2 vehicle