Valkyria Chronicles: Compensation

PS: About VC tanks on Asia server: If you really like them and want to own them, please buy em quick. From my sources on WG staff’s Skype, I know that they will not reappear soon, like the Object 252U.

Tanitha, Forum Admin, has just released official details about compensation to players who purchased the Edelweiss and Nameless as crew trainers to find the crew was locked:

“Dear Players,

As you are aware Wargaming Asia has partnered with SEGA for the release of the Valkyrie chronicles tanks Nameless and Edelweiss. These tanks include an exclusive and special anime crew with voices partnered with the tank, rendering the crews for these tanks not interchangeable.

Our original news on the tanks release was misleading and unclear. Which has led to some players purchasing the tanks unaware the crew is not interchangeable. If you purchased the tanks before 7pm SGT Monday June 19th prior to when “how the crew works” was made clear on all portals / premium shop / pages in all languages then you may request one of the following by contacting Asia customer support.

1. An accelerated crew leveling package containing
10x boosters +300% crew exp for 2 hours valued at 175 gold each or 1750 gold total.
3 days premium valued at 650 gold
800 gold
And we hope you continue to enjoy your purchase.

2. Or if you prefer, a full refund on the package.
Note : if you wish to request a refund on the package, please ensure the tanks are free of equipment before you request the tanks to be removed.

Either of the above, can be requested through customer support (please allow a few days for processing) provided the purchase was before 7pm SGT June 19th.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this miscommunication.


Link to the statement:


9 thoughts on “Valkyria Chronicles: Compensation

    1. Companies really dislike giving refunds, as even the transfer back to the customer will probably cost them more money than they received in the first place. It’s good options were provided though. All in all I think they handled it as well as they could have given the screwup.

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  1. I just love how the 1st option is basically WG ASIA saying “Please don’t take our…I mean yours money back!”. Holding onto every dollar or w/e they use over there.

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    1. Most corporation would prefer the money stay and compensated with other goods.

      In fact, i am expected they will only compensate it just with gold or in-game items, they willing to full refund is kinda unexpected.

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  2. It’s nice that they offered them the choice of a compensation while still keeping the tank. No “either give it back either deal with it” only option. They handled it well. Knowing that some players might not even use them more than a few battles anyway since there are so many tanks in the game ; this package may be the best choice, and they can ask for it even if they were satisfied in the first place.


  3. Wait … So people on Asia server were first able to buy OP Nameless tank and then offered free gold on top of that.

    Quite a bargain.

    By the way, does anyone know how these anime tanks were received on Asia server? Was there as much negative feedback as on EU and NA?


    1. Got feeling its kinda badly received in English Speaking Section one, though some people clearly didn’t mind it.

      In Japanese Section or other language section? Who knows.

      I know some of South East Asian player who like VC tanks and i got impression it was mostly Aussie players that react negatively (just my impression, I may be wrong).


    1. They could be restricted in that matter by the specific terms of the deal they’ve made to be able to feature them in WoT. Perhaps the deal said they MUST have the original crew. Just guessing.


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