WoT – 9.20 Supertest – Japanese Heavy Rebalance

Source: WoT FB

Not so long ago we shared the plans about the rebalancing of certain vehicle branches. Today we’re ready to share the first details about the upcoming changes: the Japanese tanks are coming to the Super Test. We plan to test complex changes to medium to top tier Japanese vehicles. The purpose of rebalancing Japanese heavies is to improve the branch balance, to save the battle effectiveness and applicability of Japanese heavies, and at the same time to create equal conditions in battle for the vehicles of other nations.
We plan to test the following vehicles:
  • Tanks of Tier IX and X will have revised armor: We added some parts to the front armor with thickness of 240-260 mm for Tier X and 220-240 mm for Tier IX. Their maneuverability and speed will be adjusted so they are a bit better than what the Maus has. The frontal armor of these vehicles, unlike Germans of the same class, didn’t have any vulnerabilities and could only be penetrated with premium ammo. We have added the changes to some parts of frontal armor to make it possible for their opponents to fight them on equal terms.

  • The Tier VIII O-HO will get premium ammo with an armor penetration value of 250-260 mm for the 10 cm Experimental Tank Gun Kai. Previously, this gun had no AP shells with enough penetration to reliably damage enemy vehicles.This meant that players didn’t have opportunity to choose their game style – the tank was playable only as a derp.
  • The O-I will get a bit weaker rear armor to decrease the tank’s domination in a battle, especially against lower tier tanks. Previously, low-tier vehicles could not damage the O-I even if they managed to flank it. After the changes flanking will work.
  • The Tier V O-I exp. will get improved frontal armor so it can stand a chance against higher tier vehicles and perform the role of a breakthrough tank. Additionally, the 105-mm gun will be removed from this vehicle since it was too effective at Tier V. The mobility of the tank will also be decreased.