New Flags and

Apologies for the delay on this post. I moved at the beginning of the month, so internet was out at the new house for a good while, and after it was back I did take a break from WoWS, but I am back now, with all the flags added in the 2 most recent patches.

Flags New

As per usually I know very little about the flags and how to acquire them. De Grasse flag clearly comes from the De Grasse premium bundle. Loot Boy I assumed was related to a loot box like brand partnering with WG, but I looked it up and couldn’t find anything about this brand existing. “Navoeval” flag I haven’t the slightest idea what this flag is for, looks cool though. The rest are likely event related.

I am electing to not re-post every single flag for descriptions as I usually do, as you can all ready see all the flags in my post poster. If you dislike this change in how I make these post please say so and I will revert the change.

~Shipmaster_Crook [NA]