Tiger 131 Coming Soon to WoT PC

The Tiger 131 is going to be released soon next week, maybe Thursday for WoT PC, according to a trusty source, closely related to WG.


19 thoughts on “Tiger 131 Coming Soon to WoT PC

  1. Ok allow me to clarify what tankwarroom is :). They are players just like us. Yes they are sort of sponsor. They arn’t unicums in anyway but mostly newbs. They enjoy gaming like the rest of us and yes every stream they give away a m4 improved for NA PLAYERS ONLY! Yes they also have a invite code of their own for new players to get a locust and that. But other then that they do NOT get free crap. They have to pay for it like us. They might be consider CC’s but that is something WG would have to confirm.


      1. Skin sadly still does not solve the “I would love to train my German crews on the Tiger in historical setup” part… It’s sad that we can’t use both nation crews in it like on blitz.


    1. Maybe save for next patch, after people rejoice for stronk high tier Chinese, WG makes USSR great again with more power creeps


  2. Why in gods name would anyone want this thing?
    If it was in a historical battle setting, then fine. Just like when HB’s were on, everyone picked the Tiger, the Matilda, the Stug.
    But a standard MM stock tiger at tier 6 that faces IS3’s, VK100P’s, Skorpion G’s, UDES/S1, and pay real money?
    Better to find a 131/217 skin mod and put it on a tank that any serious WoTT’er has anyway in their garage, the Tiger 1.


  3. I got banned on the EU forums for calling the HT6 japtiger. Some snowflakes got offended by this apparently.
    And firecockroachdivision decided to give me warning points for it.
    On a post that explained just why the Japtiger was a sham, and how anyone that bought it was a sucker.


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