WoT 9.19.1 ST Changelog

So the beans have finally been spilled, enjoy!

MM changes as lined out in the previous article

HD models:

  • SU-8,
  • SU-26,
  • M3 Light,
  • M4A3E8 Sherman,
  • M36 Jackson,
  • AMX 13 F3 AM,
  • AMX 105 AM mle. 47,
  • AMX 105 AM mle. 50,
  • Lorraine 39L AM,
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.,
  • D1,
  • Universal Carrier 2-pdr,
  • Churchill Gun Carrier.

Chinese female crew voice replaced with proper dialect

Russian female crew voice renewed.

WZ-111-5A added as a new Tier X in the Chinese tree after WZ-111-4

Tigers 217 and 131 added

New Supertester tank –  AMX Canon d’Assaut 105

First ‘Polish’ tank – Tier VI captured Panther G, nickname ‘Pudel’

Poland added to the tank carousel, with male crew voices, insignia, inscriptions, ranks, emblems and food – chleb ze smalcem (bread with lard)

Chinese tanks got increased gun depression – 121 has dep increase from -3.5 to 5 deg, 113 got an increase from 5 to 7 deg on the sides.


40 thoughts on “WoT 9.19.1 ST Changelog

    1. 121 doesnt need to have -5, it makes it just another medium, it needs to keep its depresion and buffed gun stats (907 lvl of soft stats) and DPM buff, so its unique and quirky, thats what 121 is
      (i have 3 moe on my 121)


      1. It’s already unique because of it’s alpha! The -5 just stops it being unnecessarily awkward to play when compared to the rest of the Tier 10 meds


      2. wait the stats of the 907 compared the the 121 are pretty much identical already.. now the obj 140 that things gun stats are insane:
        121 vs 907 vs 140
        0.13 vs 0.12 vs 0.08 moving tank
        0.13 vs 0.12 vs 0.08 traversing tracks
        0.12 vs 0.10 vs 0.10 traversing turret

        the 140 demolishes the 907 and 121 in gun handling. compared to the 121 it has near double the gun depression while having stronger hull armor (the sloped side armor combined with the heavy sloped front plates make it very strong) with a faster firing lazer pointer gun which uses apcr standard instead of the 121s ap. the shells from the 140 are 50% faster than the 121s. plus the 140 is faster accelerating because its lighter with better terrain stats.
        so altogether the 140 is faster accelerating way more consistent gun wise with better gun dep and has far superior hull armor with a massively faster aim time. the only advantages the 121 has are the alpha of the gun the turret is technicallhy stronger but in its current form its unneccesarily awkward to use it and the ufp raw thickness and the raw thickness of the ufp doesnt mean dick because the sloping of the 140 makes it more effective and the 140 doesnt have a weaker lfp like the 121 does.
        i think its pretty safe to buff the 121s gun dep because even with the buffed gun dep it wont come close to the raw power of the obj 140 and instead will probably be kind of like a much more random t62a higher alpha but slower firing and way slower aiming t62a with a turret that isnt as good.


  1. Nice buffs to chinese tanks without being game breaking. Interested still in the Russian buffs…Let’s hopefully see improvement in IS6 / T44 and not buffs of IS3 etc.


  2. Those HD models are joke ? WTF is this, no one tier high ? Why no Type 61, or STB 1, ST 1, Vk auf B, WTF > ? Ok, give some low tie,r give some mid tiers, but no high tier…


  3. finally then 121 has been fixed :D so hyped for that change on its own but a tier 6 panther oh now thats something ive wanted to try out for a long time :) also 2 chinese tier 10 heavies? and i assume their branching both from wz111 1-4 because theres no mention of any other additions.that should be very interesting because if you have any interest in the meds you need to unlock the 113 because you get the gun for free on the wz120 after you unlock the 113 but i have a strong feeling that the wz111 5a will be overall the better tank.
    also m44a3e8 finally got an hd model… there were ony 2 premium easy 8s before it got the hd treatment itself XD


  4. darn it, does this mean i need to rebuy the Binary to unlock the new tier 10 now :(

    if it still has -10, 50kph and 300mm turret then im happy too


  5. Where are the russian reworks? Where is my ST-II? Where are the rest of the HD remodels? There are still like 40+ tanks left after these and they want to release the HD maps in the next patch at the end of summer? How big that patch is going to be? 15-20 GB?

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  6. Good to see the STB-1 and Batchat25t as HD…….Oh wait……

    Great to see the Chinese tanks have drawbacks for their massive guns……Oh wait……


    1. for the chinese im glad their finally getting a little more gun dep because 3.5 degrees made the 121 hopelessly inflexible so it couldnt aim the gun down if its on the slightest hill.
      ill summarize the weaknesses of the 121 because originally i did a whole in depth thing and it was about 25 lines long.
      the gun has the same soft stats as the cent ax other than accuracy and aim time which are signicantly worse and the cent ax from my experience didnt have a lazer pointer gun by any stretch of the imagination. plus the shell speed difference is immense its like comparing the shell speed of a panther 88 to an m4 rev. theres a gigantic difference.
      its slower than all the russian tier 10 meds due to it being not just heavier but it also has worse ground resistance stats.
      the turret is the only strong area of armor and it still has a 30mm over match zone. the hull is pretty weak sure its says 120 front armor on paper but thats the ufp the lfp is only 80mms which is paper at their tier. the hull armor doesnt even come close to the object 140 which is a faster accelerating tank with more gun dep and a faster shell speed higher dpm more precise gun.

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  7. Still no news on soviet changes :o
    Also I’m curious to see if they F I N A L Y fixed the personnal missions as promised. 2 patches after the new MM and they still havent been adressed. They said there was gomna be fixes, but mo ETA…


  8. Ok i know about 131 but tiger 217???? WUT? is that the tier 7 tiger 2? Or are we getting another tier 6 tiger???? I will have to enlarge my zoo to accomodate all the new big cats.


    1. According to a screenshot of the technology tree, the car will be developed from the wz-111 i-iv and will be co-existing with 113.
      Level: ht-10
      HP: 2200
      Engine power: 750
      Weight: 50 t
      Maximum weight: 55t
      Unit power: 15hp/t
      Extreme speed: 50/15kph
      Vehicle speed: 36 ° / s
      Turret speed: 26 ° / s
      Track resistance (hard/medium/soft) : 1.055/1.15/2.397
      Vision: 400 m
      Communication distance: 750m
      Vehicle armor: 140/120/60
      Turret armor: 300/180/60
      Main gun: 130mm 59-130ta
      (AP/HEAT/HE) : 490/490/640
      Depth (AP/HEAT/HE) : 250/34/65
      Loading time: 11.2 s
      100 meters accuracy: 0.39
      Target time: 2.5 s
      Pitch Angle: -10 / + 23


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