WoT 9.19.1 ST Changelog

So the beans have finally been spilled, enjoy!

MM changes as lined out in the previous article

HD models:

  • SU-8,
  • SU-26,
  • M3 Light,
  • M4A3E8 Sherman,
  • M36 Jackson,
  • AMX 13 F3 AM,
  • AMX 105 AM mle. 47,
  • AMX 105 AM mle. 50,
  • Lorraine 39L AM,
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.,
  • D1,
  • Universal Carrier 2-pdr,
  • Churchill Gun Carrier.

Chinese female crew voice replaced with proper dialect

Russian female crew voice renewed.

WZ-111-5A added as a new Tier X in the Chinese tree after WZ-111-4

Tigers 217 and 131 added

New Supertester tank –  AMX Canon d’Assaut 105

First ‘Polish’ tank – Tier VI captured Panther G, nickname ‘Pudel’

Poland added to the tank carousel, with male crew voices, insignia, inscriptions, ranks, emblems and food – chleb ze smalcem (bread with lard)

Chinese tanks got increased gun depression – 121 has dep increase from -3.5 to 5 deg, 113 got an increase from 5 to 7 deg on the sides.