Best Suggestions from the RU WoT Community #3

Major thanks to Vlad for translating.

1. “Stop clicking already”
– My proposal is to increase the click interval in random battles by at least 1 second. Yes, you can add the malefactors to your blacklist, but they already annoyed the s**t out of you, and only then can you block them. Additionally, there’s not always time to block a player clicking on the minimap endlessly.

2. Notification about friends entering/leaving the game
– Simple feature for chat 2.0, popup messages about friends entering or leaving the game. Such a thing exists in all games.

3. Buff/rebalance on the ISU-130
– This category usually ignores tank balance requests, but here we have an exception.
The ISU-130 was given to moderators who voluntarily spent a certain time working for WG. While supertesters have the good T-44-122, which was buffed about 2 years ago, and the community is asking to buff IS-6 and KV-5, which will happen, the moderators got simply shat on by being given this excuse for a tank. The winrate of the ISU-130 on the RU server is at 46.95%. It’s not just about a buff, but about a complete rebalance of the tank, especially the gun.

4. “Will you focus on clans?”
– A simple button which clans wait for 5 years already. A SIMPLE, not complicated search for provinces by name.

5. Bug portal for all Wargaming projects and services
– Wargaming, one of the biggest companies in the CIS, still does not have or want to have its’ own portal to cope with bugs. This is simply a disgrace. All bigger companies, especially the ones working in the IT sphere, have their own or external services, for example HackerOne, which allow every user to submit a bug they found and get rewarded for it. This platform is being used by companies such as VKontakte, Mail.Ru, Adobe, Slack, Twitter, Dropbox etc. The WoT portal currently has 1 little bug, which isn’t being fixed for 5 years already. And writing to the WG customer support center? That’s laughable.

6. Stronghold reserves
– Interesting and necessary feature for clan players: add a more obvious indication in the hangar about active Stronghold reserves – sometimes you login and don’t even know there are any of them active.

7. Notification about friends’ nickname change
– Simple idea: automatic notification when I change my nickname. Or like in Steam: “has also played as”.

8. Indicator about online status in chat window
– It would be nice to see a players’ online status in the bar with the chat windows. I have attached an image as an example.

9. “Invisible” status in WoT
– I’d like to have an “invisible” status for friends and clan members, if you want to play solo. Something like an incognito mode.