WoT Blitz Q&A – 15th June 2017

Thanks to Vladimir for translating.

– Will there be news on the patch this week? – No, 3.10 will be a smaller technical patch;
– I’ve seen some French LT screenshots somewhere, and also some of the TD’s. Is this fake information or are these branches planned? – The introduction of these is planned, the next French vehicles will be TD’s;
– I have conducted an experiment with the equipment that gives +5% armor: IS-6 has 60mm rear armor, the caliber of the gun used is 183mm, so it cannot ricochet. If we add the equipment, the armor is 63mm, times 3 it’s 189mm, so the shell should ricochet – but it doesn’t. However, with the IS-7, where the rear armor is 70mm, the 183mm gun ricochets at a steep angle. – The equipment works properly. The goal is not an increase in armor thickness, but a change in the homogenousity factor – a hidden parameter reflecting the “quality” of the armor. The equipment increases this coefficient which increases the armor protection. We, however, do not publish the exact homogenousity coefficients. Since the armor plate effectively remains at the same thickness, the three caliber rule does not change.


5 thoughts on “WoT Blitz Q&A – 15th June 2017

    1. well, they completly overhauled the equipment for WoT Blitz. and as they are WG, they f.cked it up (you need to grind spare parts as a ressource via daily missions to buy better equipment like GLD or the namend better armor, as those are level 2 equipment)

      in general, the idea with the new equip-system isn’t bad. though nowadays everybody almost HAS TO use optics and some quipent is almost useless, while binocs got completly cancelled. but I like my almost maxed out T-34 with rammer, GLD, stabi, optics as well as 5% more HP and better turnrate. sealclubbing at its best … *muhahaha*


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