WG is developing a new console game

– Wargaming has officially confirmed that they started developing a new project for consoles.

A few days ago on the page of one of the leading members of the WG St. Petersburg office the following post was published:

To date, we kept it a secret, but it’s time to tell! Team Wargaming in St. Petersburg starts work on a new project for PS4 and Xbox One.
We open lots of exciting vacancies: for those who have already proven themselves in game development or just wants to get there.
Vacancies for professionals with console experience: Technical Director, Lead GD, QA lead, Game Designer.
Other hot jobs: Game designer, 3D Tech artist, Client / Technology programmer, Sound programmer, UI, Tech Art, GL programmer, Server programmer, Deploy & Automation, QA Compliance, Core technology QA, Core gameplay QA.
We are also expanding our PC business (our flagship project, World of Warships) and Mobile. Full list of vacancies here: https://vk.cc/6KxxSU

Join the Wargaming gaming universe!”

Yes, most likely we are talking about World of Warships on PS4 and Xbox One. According to our information, in early May, key figures in WG have been forwarded to the St. Petersburg office and moved to a new position to maintain this direction. Why not give the development to the American office, which already had experience porting the game? Well, let’s see what Wargaming Saint Petersburg (Lesta Studio) can do in terms of consoles and if World of Warships Console will turn out fine.


13 thoughts on “WG is developing a new console game

  1. And watch how they make a more polished and more balanced game than PC WoWS could ever hope to be after the last year and a half of idiotic decisions.


  2. In St. Petersburg the bad guys of Russia with good connections to the kremlin are located too! Hopefully they dont want some charge from WG for “protection”.
    Can we say a lot of profit of russian companies goes into corruption and mafia for “protection” and “faster execution of everything”? Or is this just a prejudjice of me arrogant european prick?

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  3. “Why not give the development to the American office, which already had experience porting the game?”

    Because CHEAP


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