9.19.1 Estimated Release Dates

The next normal WoT patch will be called 9.19.1, and after it the update 9.20 with improved graphics will be launched. This fall we should expect Personal Missions 2.0. Although the devs themselves said the new personal missions are 80% ready, our sources tell that this is not the case. Anyhow, here are the estimations:

Preparation of news from WG – June 13.
Official announcement from WG – June 14.
Release from Supertest – June 15.
Launch of the first 9.19.1 general test – June 21/22.
Release of the second iteration of the 9.19.1 common test – June 28.
Patch release date: 1st half of July 2017.

Main changes:

– Buffs to researchable vehicles, mainly USSR;
– Buffs to premiums, mainly USSR;
– Complex fixes (?)
– and other changes;

Full patchnotes will be available later.