Free Premium Day and Official Site Changes!

Minor news: WG decided that because of their lacking server performance, they will try and coax players back into the game – or try to convince the more-or-less active players to stay. This of course, means that they will give everyone some free stuff!

To show our appreciation of your loyalty during those times, everyone who wins a battle between 12 June at 07:00 and 22 June at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) will receive the following gift:

  •  1 day of Premium Account
  •  3 Personal Reserves: +50% XP for 2 hours
  •  3 Personal Reserves: +100% Crew XP for 2 hours
  •  3 Personal Reserves: +100% Free XP for 2 hours


Make sure to use the premium time well!

On another news, they have also fixed the main EU and NA portal. In my opinion it looks…. horrible. Thank you WG for fixing what does not need fixing.

Oh, and the RU portal is unchanged. Way to go!


36 thoughts on “Free Premium Day and Official Site Changes!

  1. Just checked the new portal, and wow, it is outright terrible.

    Like WG wants to ruin everything that didnt need a fix on purpose. Okay then.

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  2. WG know that its now summer and mix in the shit ‘new template MM (that’s been ‘fixed’ twice? last 2 patches) to go back to turbo slaughters as before

    And Map rotation server is back to how it was, same, same, and same Maps over and over

    Sundays now only day with full EU servers
    – there seeing player numbers decline and importantly noticeably so (surprise

    you get this ‘loyalty offer’ from WG

    that costs nothing (so cheap
    and fixes nothing
    quick and easy

    Interesting to see WG and WOT in 3 months time


  3. Thanks for the update
    But I don’t know why you are ranting against the new web design, It did require a fix and it’s now better organized
    At least on a mobile device I just checked


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    1. I don’t know how this article is a rant to you, but even then, the new layout just looks horrible.
      The old looked simple, easy to navigate and had no useless space.
      This new version is made of extre huge boxes that eat up half the space of the page’s width, the specific things are hard to find and in general it looks bad.

      Even this above is not a rant, though.

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  4. Yes! Even with free autplay video! Isn’t that great news for all without flatrate Internet?

    1 day of premium, how generous.

    Best use if you don’t play during the week, and cash in that win ond Friday eve…
    Or just don’t play like I do ever since 09.18 light tank view range castration update.


  5. First off, my sincere apologies for this sounding overly salty. For the life of me I cannot take this company, their PR nor what any devs say, serious anymore.

    They have talked too much about “showing goodwill” ” and “listing to players” over the past 2 years. Promising change, using hollow PR statements to ease consumer concerns, while in actuality showing no willingness to change the direction they are taking.

    As this is very unlikely to happen in this products remaining lifetime, I can just look at it and laugh in amazement at their spasms to keep player retention going.

    For me to actually want to come back to this game (which has had so much potential btw): the development direction (and marketing influence) has to be changed by an order of magnitude, from the direction it is currently heading in now (or has been, ever since 4th quarter of 2015).
    Like I said this is very unlikely to happen, to my regret :(


    1. All good points but you missed one: nobody gives a shit about you.

      All I see is another shitter who thinks everything has to be about him.

      Who should WG listen to? People who want arty gone? Well, I and many others still play arty, so fuck you.

      You want harder game play? Fuck you, because there is so many people who already struggle.

      Want easier gameplay? Fuck you, there is so many people who find the game too easy.

      But the key and I can’t emphasize it enough is that nobody gives a shit about you personally. Stopped playing the game? Fuck off. Bitter? Fuck off. Don’t like WG? Get a life and fuck off.

      All that BS about bleeding players. Yeah, it’s exactly what happens to older games. World of Warcraft been bleeding players for years, Diablo, every MMO ever… the key is that there are other games that replace them and nothing even came close to replacing WoT.

      What are you going to play? War thunder? Hahaha good luck. Armoured warfare? That shit died faster than a cow in alligator pond.

      So if you are so bitter that you have to post expressing it, here is my counter point post. The game still changing and is still fun, and there will be people playing it for years.

      Neither your opinion nor mine will affect the game.

      I am here only to say fuck you.


    1. You won’t get anything if SEA server isn’t experiencing technical difficulties and connection problems, NA and EU both experienced it for quite a while and WG compensated through the free premium day.


  6. The only reason i still have WoT installed is to get Premium Account using unspent Gold in WoWS. Enough for five months of unpaid premium account.

    Unless there will be a way to get bonds in random battles without having to rely on personal or special missions and in a quantity that makes improved equipment feasible (or improved equipment removed for everyone), I will no longer play that game.

    Neither do i want an epeen comparison nor be forced to play on schedule in groups.


    1. Again, who gives a shit about you? Why are people here so angry about a damn game?

      Don’t want to play? Don’t play. Want to play? Play.

      Instead we got this shitters who whine about how the game personally shitted in their cornflakes and now they have no choice but to complain about it with such stronk threats as: that’s it I am done, watch how the game will crash and burn once I leave.

      God damn forum morons.


      1. I’ve been looking at your comments now and can I ask why are you so angry? I mean, it’s quite ironic that you call us out for “being angry with a ge” while you are angry with a couple of sentences at the end of a post.


        1. Sure, let’s explore why I am angry since you asked.

          Why can’t we, gamers, have a normal news blog not polluted by agenda of some shit breathing Zephyr or his bunch of sycophantic morons? If you don’t like the game, why are you still posting about it?

          Is it to convince others that the game is really shit and validate your opinion? Because if others are not agreeing with you, clearly they are morons that are paid by WG?

          Well, I am that person who stands up to you and tells you that you are worthless shitters. Game is still fun, your opinion is invalid and while WG doing some shitty things, they are not any different than any other corporation and they still bring the game to me. I would dread the day they say: fuck it, not enough money in it, we are shutting it down.

          Why is the death of the game something to celebrate, you incoherent shit stains?

          It only hurts us gamers, not the company who moves on to something else.

          So yeah, I have a very low opinion of pathetic shits like you, who for some reason hang out on gaming blog waiting for the game to die.

          Now fuck off.


          1. No one wants the game to die. I don’t understand where are you getting this notion from.

            Yes, some of us do get angry with WG, but we don’t want it to die. We want WG to improve otherwise the game will die. If you don’t listen to criticism, then you’ll never change, and lose customers.


            1. That’s the key here: criticism.

              First of all, there is no way to please everyone, yet a lot of posts here are: WG is not pleasing ME.

              Secondly, rather than taking a stance on criticizing something that CAN change, people here specifically bitch about things that WON’T change.

              And finally, it’s pretty obvious but people here think that they represent majority and they are not. You say the game will die if WG won’t listen to you. That’s hubris, plain and simple.

              If WG listened to people complaints in 2012, the game would be dead a year later. Every year new complaint arises when people say the game will die if they don’t do it. There are literally 2 morons in this thread who say that. And reality is that game is likely alive only due to WG doing what is necessary for the game to stay alive.

              Example: people wanted 1 tier games. Now they get them and the amount of whining about it is insane.

              Players aren’t concerned about future of the game, they are only interested in their own entertainment and future of it. You can walk away any day and not care what happens to the game after you are gone, but the game can’t walk away.

              So like I said, literally everyone here is either full of shit or feeding off the hate.


              1. Of course there isn’t, but there is obvious BS that WG is pulling. The recent tier 8 premiums are an obvious example.

                Should we ignore the whole problem, pretend it doesn’t exist? No, obviously not.

                Is the Object 252U healthy for the game, no it is not. Especially since WG aren’t allowed to touch premiums.


                1. There is a difference between being angry for a bad move that WG makes (su-76j anyone) and being angry at everything WG does. And if they haven’t made something to be angry about, inventing it.


  7. Yeah that Zephyr is butt hurt for sure. How dare WG give some free stuff for everyone? He wanted much more that that: personal apology, promise to write all wrongs and defeat his enemies and Seb to personally blow him. Maybe then and only then he will grace the game with his presence and maybe play it.

    After all, when he goes to McDonald’s, the president himself just gives him a million euros… wait what? Just free small coffee one week a year? But they are huge corporation, they should give him money for free? No? Well fuck them, he is not gonna shop there, he is going to take his pathetic pay check to.. wait, no companies do this shit? Better rant on a blog about how he is upset with something.

    Seriously, fuck off Zephyr. No wonder this blog is shit with less than 1000 visitors.

    Can’t survive as a proper blog, let’s try for hate filled on. Fucking awful.


  8. How was anything he said hate? The new interface is horrid and as a blog that covers WoT the site has a right to post how they feel about the interface.

    Forums on NA have had people complain about the new interface as well as on several discords I’m a member of.

    Most people dont’ liek change for change sake and that’s what this felt like IMHO.

    You there came_back sound like someone who’s seriously butthurt.


    1. Did you even read his post? The interface change is a sidebar and who gives a shit about his opinion anyway? Whether interface sucks or doesn’t is entirely subjective.

      No, I am referring the the free gift WG did. That foul brained Zephyr went on a tirade about how WG is so desperate to bring people back (he is clearly stupid as the gift is only for active players) or prevent people from leaving they gave them stuff for free.

      How horrid is WG? They gave stuff for free, damn fuckers… never mind that I personally appreciate this completely FREE gift that I will actually use (saved tiny bit of money on prem and while reserves are common why the fuck not?) but let’s explore why he is unhappy about it so much:

      1) he is not going to use it – so? Then this gift is not for him but for others, why is he butthurt over it?
      2) he is entitled and think WG should have done more for him, maybe send him 100 bucks or a entire year worth of prem. well, what do we say to entitled pricks? Fuck off.
      3) he is bitter and no matter what WG does he will complain about it – bingo. We nailed it. And our response to that? Fuck off, you inbittered shitter, why are you even contributing to this blog if you are so fucked mentally?

      There you have it.


  9. Oh look, I can use sarcasm on the internet! Wooo!
    We already has a salty cunt posting about WG shit, but he decided to change sides to the ripoff team. Now we have his spiritual successor, who is also a ripoff.
    Get the fuck out and let normal people post!


    1. You are not normal. If I were you, I would evaluate why I am still contributing to a blog about the game when I hate the game, the company that made it and everything it represents.

      Unless someone is paying you, I think you will enjoy life more being productive somewhere else, doing anything else. As it looks right now, it pains you to even talk about something as innocuous as FREE fucking gift. No idea why you get off on being a depressed miserable prick.

      So yeah, fuck off and let normal people post, although I hardly saw a single one post anything constructive or interesting, other than “fuck WG”.


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