WGNA: Statement on SirFoch Incident

From the NA Portal. I really like that they took this seriously and issued a good apology.

Dear Commanders,

We have further reviewed the incident of last Friday involving SirFoch and his “Chrysler K GF rant” video, and know we could have handled the situation a lot better. We strongly support our players’, including our Community Contributors’, right to speak critically about us and our games. We acted too quickly and over the line when we threatened to have YouTube remove SirFoch’s video through a copyright infringement complaint and we are apologizing for that.

We’re committed to doing a better job on this front. We’re going to improve the way we communicate with our Community and our Community Contributors, and as part of that effort we will work with them on more detailed, specific guidelines to help ensure incidents like this don’t happen again.

Our official position is that Wargaming will not take copyright action against opinions based on our publicly released content.

Over the weekend we released a statement to some media outlets regarding the content of SirFoch’s video that inferred that SirFoch’s videos contained hate speech and homophobia. While we would obviously not want such content to be associated with any of our games – this video clearly did not. We apologize for this statement, and we don’t stand behind those claims.

We love our players and our contributors – and we appreciate their honesty and commitment – we are committed to using this incident to grow and improve.

Jointly signed by

Thaine Lyman,
Product Director World of Tanks
Markus Schill,
General Manager Europe
Jay Cohen,
General Manager North America
Anton Pankov,
World of Tanks Publishing Director

11 thoughts on “WGNA: Statement on SirFoch Incident

  1. I was at first they released yet another statement, so sick of this issue, hate foch, hate jingles… BUT, i did like the thoroughness of the apology, but to me the best part was, finally, one document was signed by 4 major people representing the whole org. Way overdue and ya, finally, well done.

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      1. “i dont hate jingles, just his decision based on panic and silliness”

        sorry whaaaaaaaaaat ?? This is Jingles who pushed WG NA to even sign it with WG EU. Because with no JIngles action – WG NA would be still in their first statement saying that they are right and topic is over. This is JIngles who did 99% or work here to stop this war. Sorry lol .. but your worlds cannot be more wrong dude.


    1. Because it’s rather unprecedented that this was posted on NA, because, as this whole sordid incident has illustrated, the different branches, NA, EU, RU, don’t communicate as well as they should and often weren’t on the same page when it came to policy and treatment of members of the community.


  2. They are overlooking the point that started all this. It’s fine that WG and Foch are fine with each other, but this isn’t solving the problem.

    I’m still waiting for a statement on that OP premium thing that is going on for the last year. And all the other pay2win things that are wrong with this game.


  3. There is no doubting WG have been travelling in a certain (well armoured, gold & premium encouraging) direction recently and I think the SirFoch video ‘hit a nerve’ they were all too aware of. The best way for players to express their discontent with WG would be to abstain from buying the Chrysler but sadly this does not seem to be the case. In fact judging by numbers I have been seeing in random games, all the negative/OP commentary seems to have encouraged players to buy the tank and adopt the WG pay2win strategy.

    In terms of the recent message and apparent apology, well actions speak louder than words. Once this saga has died down, I suspect WG will continue to put profits before the fundamentals of the game and players will indirectly continue to support this strategy by buying new tanks and using gold ammo! (It is only fair to mention I am absolutely guilty of the former).


  4. Good apology but look at the wording on Apology: No public available content. The Chrysler at the point of review was not public ally available I believe. So WG giving themselves an out possibly.

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  5. this came from WGNA right?
    I think they included a bit too much:
    “we will work with them on more detailed, specific guidelines”
    this worries me as a player from the NA server since I no longer know IF reviews from NA members will truly be honest


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