WoT Blitz: Major Premium Shell changes

It seems WoT Blitz players are the first to officially see a major overhaul of premium shells in the game. Update 3.9 has just been released featuring a change of premium shells being ‘P2W’ to ‘A alternative’.

Things to Know

  • Damage will decrease by an average of 15% (will not affect U.K. HESH shells)
  • Prices will decrease by an average of 20%, with some vehicles seeing reductions as high as 40%

For certain Premium vehicles that use Premium shells more than others, we’re increasing the penetration of standard shells:

  • Churchill III
    110mm to 130mm
  • Matilda IV
    86mm to 97mm
  • Matilda BP
    110mm to 130mm
  • M4A2E4 Sherman
    92mm to 106mm
  • T14
    92mm to 106mm
  • T26E4 Super Pershing
    170mm to 205mm

With these changes, these vehicles will see an increase in Credit earnings.

Some researchable tech tree vehicles had their Premium shell penetration values increased as well:

  • M3 Lee, M8A1, M4 Sherman, M7, T21, M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, and M4A3E8 Sherman
    75mm M3 and 75mm AT M3 guns, 92mm to 106mm
  • E 100
    Gun 15cm Kw.K. L/38 gun, 235mm to 258mm
  • Medium II and Medium III
    Gun QF 6-pdr 8 cwt Mk. I gun, 57mm to 65mm
  • Churchill I, Crusader, and Cromwell
    Gun QF 6-pdr Gun Mk. V gun, 110mm to 130mm
  • Ha-Go, Chi-Ni, and Chi-Ha
    Gun 5.7cm Gun Type 97 gun, 30mm to 38mm
  • Renault FT and D1
    Gun 37mm APX SA18 gun, 29mm to 37mm
  • D2 and B1
    Gun 47mm SA35 gun, 45mm to 62mm

Shells for the SU-100Y and Tankenstein will not be changed.

Player Inequality & Vehicle Advantages

There are two primary reasons why we’ve made these adjustments:

Player Inequality

Not everyone can afford Premium shells. Those who can enjoy certain benefits in battle and will likely have a much more impressive “Average Damage Per Battle” stat than those who stick to standard shells. Tournaments can also make players feel like they’re at a disadvantage if they’re not fully stocked on Premium shells.

Therefore, we decided to reduce the average damage of Premium shells, thereby leveling the playing field a bit and hopefully placing a greater influence on player skill. Reduced damage also means reduced Credit earning, so we’ve lowered prices accordingly.

Vehicle Advantages

Consider the inherent performance of each vehicle class; typically, heavy tanks will fire slower and less accurately than other classes to balance out their standard damage dealing potential. When Premium shells are introduced to this mix, however, medium or light tanks have a notable advantage: a higher rate-of-fire means they can fire more Premium shells, and thus deal more damage than you’d expect.

As a result, if two heavy tanks both use Premium shells, a face-off can be relatively balanced. However, if one of those heavy tanks runs into a medium tank or tank destroyer, the higher firing rate and accuracy combined with the increased damage of a Premium shell can give the lighter vehicle a distinct advantage.

By reducing the damage of Premium shells, we hope to make Premium shells an alternative, not a replacement. With the new adjustments, tank commanders will now have a choice:

  • Equip Standard Shells
    Requires better aiming and knowledge of weak spots, but can deal more damage
  • Equip Premium Shells
    Better penetration, but lower damage potential

With these changes, Premium shells should no longer be a “silver bullet” for tanks taking advantage of their firing rate or tank destroyers that stay on the edge of the map. As always, we’ll be closely monitoring player feedback and data in regards to these adjustments and make further changes if necessary.

Let’s just hope it works out on Blitz and it gets implemented on WoT PC and Console as well.


36 thoughts on “WoT Blitz: Major Premium Shell changes

  1. i was not sure what to think of this idea when i first heard it. i still think limiting prem ammo to say 10% of total ammo or a max of 10 would be a better fix… but frankly im ready for just about ANY change. do less damage. limit quantity. make them gold only again. i dont care.

    just. do. something. please.


    1. Premium ammo limit wont necessarily help too much. Even 10% of max ammo loadout or max 10 would mean that you would still be able to screw up tank that relies on armor.

      Just nerf it and make it regular ammo that has different purpose (less damage, more pen, or on same cases, maybe more damage, less pen like SU-100Y). Ofc not without certain changes to some tanks.

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      1. It’s just another cash grab.

        Lower damage for same pen and cost as it is now just means you need more shots to do the same damage, resulting in people carrying a few shells more and paying more for the same amount of damage.

        At the same time you can’t exactly keep the damage the same and nerf the current pen because that’d make some tanks impenetrable.

        Thus we arrive at the same option the community has been calling for for a long time: limiting the amount of shells.

        This makes for less spam, as people need to think twice about firing the rounds as they are very limited (i’d limit it at around 25% of total loadout or a 10 shell)


        1. Well not really if you do 15% (average) less dmg per premium shell but pay 20% less for it you would actually do damage cheaper than with the current price.
          So no cashgrab this time.

          But i would agree that limiting the shells would be better.
          A certain percentage number would be better imo because you would need to look at every single tank to determine the exact number of total shells you give them and we know how slow WG can be.


          1. I personally disagree, I think this option is a lot better. Saving time for fine tuning a balance (And not to mention the ability to pick and choose your ammo load out freely), but it also seems to come with the added possibility to have different shell types do different things as well. Every shell from the same gun does pretty much the same damage but premium has extra pen.
            Having roughly Ten percent of a tank’s ammo capacity isn’t going to solve this issue as ammo load outs are not equal as well, leaving tanks with fewer shell count at a disadvantage than those with a higher shell count as they get to pick more shells and with less individual shell constraints.
            We would hopefully want all tanks to have the same limit on premiums shells no? Do we round up if a shell count can’t be divided into 10ths equally? Or round down? It’s a problem that brings with it a lot of problems as again, for tanks with larger shell count, they tend to be more expensive too. (Compare 704 to T54), Silver per minute can be equated to be largely different.


  2. I have stopped playing (and spending money on) WoT about a half a year ago because of BS like Maus, Type 5 Heavy, Patriot and Defender… if this changes comes to WoT PC however, maybe they can make my come back. Dont fck it up, WG.

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  3. I support addition of this, though not before rework of some armor layouts. Even better opportunity to overhaul Japanese heavy line. I just wish Listy would release that book which reportely contains information regards some Japanese heavy designs that are not known to public for now (Type 96, Type 97, Mitsu 104 and Ishi 108). Those are necessary to fill out tier 4-6 so the perfect rework is possible.

    And obviously not before nerfs to Maus, for example.

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      1. I dont know much either (dont know the name of book), but i have been reading stuff from WT forums that David Lister (or Listy) will some day release a book about some obscure tank designs.


    1. Only thing wrong with Maus was the extra HP it got buffed with… It should have lost 300 instead of gaining them. Maus needed help for the weak turret and slow rof.


  4. it’s a good idea, but in WoT on other hands with such a tanks like Maus, Type, Defenders and other crap without gold ammo would be very difficult to kill it. Need to balance not only gold ammo, but ant these tanks too. By the way, what they gonna do with premium tanks, they not gonna touch it?


    1. They mentioned premium’s being changed, and they are also buffing the standard shell of many tank guns too, even the stock variants and the premiums for those that need it.


  5. Fastest game change ever for WG, based on players feedback.If they keep them coming,I will reinstall the game.I’m 2 days WoT free and counting after 5 1/2 years of Wargaming games abuse.I can confirm there is life after.I’m also World of Warships free since last Christmas fiasco.The downside: lame greetings at the meetings in WG-free Clinic. :)


  6. I don’t know about you, but for me reducing the damage on premium ammo, means more premium ammo. No one spams gold as a hobby, but a necessity.
    This is another dick move to make more money. I mean really, does anyone really doesn’t go to tournaments with the ammo they think is best fully stocked???
    If they really wanted to “level the playing field” they have to fix the food consumable problem. Food makes the crew 10% better, so every parameter about 5% better. This is a game in which, on same damage per shot, you get a range of about +/- 10%. So giving a 5% advantage to only the players who can afford it, makes the game pay to win. This is not only a 5% boost in dpm, but also aiming time, accuracy, turning speed, view range. If you are using food and a good crew will spare you a coated optics, so 1 slot of equipment. Is this fair? Is this not pay to win?
    If they claim they want to “level the playing field” I dare WG to make food consumable affordable, so that it can be a viable option for just about anyone!


  7. well, I am very courious, how this turns out on live server. though – Blitz is in as many ways similar to WoT PC as it is different in many ways.

    the much worse control (at least for me on cell phone) makes prem-ammo IMHO even more important. on the other hand, you get a “build-in tanks.gg” as you get a very accurate penetration chance while in zoom in mode, which allows for better weakspot-sniping even for new players.

    and I would like to see something similar even for WoT PC, plus a added overhauls of prem-pen-values (some guns like 90mm M3 get insane APCR-pen while others like 8,8 L/71 and L/56 get only a marginal plus in pen with APCR – both shells still cost roughly the same).


  8. You know the more I hear about it the better Blitz sounds.

    WG PC better take a very careful look at how these changes affect Blitz. I hope they will understand the necessity of nerfing gold ammo, so we can finaly have a bit of balance in this nightmare that the game has become.


    1. Have you missed the HUGE shitstorm the 3.8 patch caused on Blitz? Yes there are some good stuff presented in Blitz, some even reached PC as well like the 88mm L/56 pen buff, but there are stupid design decisions too.


  9. Looks interesting and curious.
    The 20-40% reduction in shell price is IMO also a good thing. But, I am also a bit worried that this price reduction, if implemented outside of WoT Blitz, will also just make more gold fly around.

    I’d rather have Wargaming uncouple premium ammo from the monitization mechanism and rework it entirely into normal ammunition. A.k. like how the other tank games done it.


    1. I rather have gold fly around but doing lower damages than gold fly around anyway and doing full damage.

      This way people will not just spam nothing but gold. If they want to do damages they’ll use AP, if they need to pen to get out of a bad situation they’ll use gold.


      1. Oh yeah for sure, it would be an improvement over what we have now!

        Was just pondering about the possible implications of also lowering the price: people will still be people. For some the lower price could more of a reason to spam it, even if it means lesser having dmg per shot but more guarantees to pen.
        I am very interested hoe this change will pen* out on Blitz.


  10. 205mm SuperP pen? How much easier are they going to make that stupid thing? Pls don’t bring that change anywhere near PC


    1. U really cry about T26E4 ???
      Even with 200 pen this tank isn’t worth anymore, no more tanky (lowerplate easypen, upperturret too, …) x) (PC player)


  11. We we’re provided with a pdf document with all the changes to all the ammo for each tank. This pdf included arty aswell, meaning these changes might come to pc eventually


  12. And yet no changes to AMX M4 45. It NEEDS to fire gold with 105mm Gun against tier8s since the 90mm Gun is a joke in current meta.. GJ WG at ignoring this tank to oblivion.


  13. Meanwhile i have a 203mm pen on my jagdtiger 88….yes i have accuarcy…so does the skorp G You have armor…for what i need it if when im spotted and aimed they load gold and pen my superestructure?? You have preff MM!! With a slow TD that doesnt turn and does 30km/h if not in a road!! A pen buff to the jagdtiger 88 pls?? With 220mm im ok with it is even less than an IS3 or Tiger II


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