Wonder Woman – Pretty unhistorical, eh?

Wonder Woman can now throw tanks apparently. This is indeed the poster for the upcoming superhero movie. In the film the action takes place in WW1, and the T-28 was produced in 1933. They could’ve done a T-90 instead, right? Why waste their „precious” time on historical research?


17 thoughts on “Wonder Woman – Pretty unhistorical, eh?

  1. They’ve ruined the new Wonder Woman. The Lynda Carter Wonder Woman was more accurate to the comic. My son and I were watching one of the trailers and we thought everything looked more like the WW1 period when it should have been WW2. Bad enough they screwed the suit over but they’ve done a complete remake on her and even change her time period.


  2. I think this is an excellent showcase of how much Hollywood cares about historical (or any other sort of) accuracy.
    Heck, even WG is better than this, and saying this surely makes a lot of people foamy mouthed…

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    1. That would explain why, for some American films, a “German” vehicle is simply a random vehicle painted in grey and given some Balkenkreuz…

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      1. Some of the older films made in the 70’s-80’s didn’t have the budget to feature reproductions/models and instead on creating a new one it was easier and cost effective to use military surplus tanks.

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          1. Yet the army in WW2 could come up with CHEAP decoys that do *resembles* the real tanks they used in some way….


  3. Well if she was around in WWI and is around now, wouldn’t she have been around in WWII?

    Anyway, they apparently set her in WWI for the movie so she could have modern romances without anybody wondering if she was cheating on old, senile Col. Trevor in the nursing home.


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